Today in Tabs: The Tabliest Decade

San Francisco housing
What's up with housing supply issues? Robert Galbraith/Reuters

Today's tabs were written piecemeal while I traveled to New York, so they're scattershot and disconnected and lack any kind of meaningful overarching narrative, much like life itself, and I'm not even sorry.

The Family Circus further cements its critical reputation as literature's preëminent philosophical substrate with Time is a Flat Circus.

The Awl's new blood, in the form of ginger-haired wonder-twins Matt Buchanan and John Herrman (pictured here with Awl founder Choire Sicha, center) are already injecting their unique sensibility into the storied, 163 year old blog. Herrman wrote about Twitter and Buchanan wrote about coffee so I think we can say the move hasn't changed their fundamental natures yet. What is exciting, though, is Maria Bustillos's incredible Awl-published single-essay site about Adventure Time, The Hole Near the Center of the World (dot com). If you're an Adventure Time fan, go read it right now, and if you're not an Adventure Time fan yet, read it and then become one and watch the show and then read it again.

Ashol-Pan, a thirteen year old Mongolian girl who hunts with golden eagles, is the most awesome person who exists right now.

I mean, right?

What's up with housing supply issues? You could read Matt Yglesias's characteristically facile, glib explanation that we're just not building enough housing for rich people. Or you could read this extraordinarily thorough and thoughtful investigation of the San Francisco housing market by Kim-Mai Cutler in Techcrunch, of all places. One is half-assed garbage and one is actually informative, and I'll let you guess which is which.

Today in Dads: Willie Osterwell on the Dadliest Decade, in the Paris Review.

Farhad Manjoo interviews Mark Zuckerberg. It's unfortunately just, like, Farhad asks a question and Zuck goes: "Farhad." about twenty times.

This is the moment when "he seemed like a nice guy" finally lost all meaning. This piece about Bloomberg's plan to oppose the NRA tragically mistakes the lede for the kicker, so skim if you must but get to the last sentence. Scienticians fear we may have reached Peak Beard. Hangry is so real. So, so real. Comments are still bad. All of CNN's moments are deplorable, but here are nine that are especially deplorable. Tweet judged erroneous.

Maybe we should rethink those horse carriages? [via Caroline]

Today in Music: Bastille covers "No Scrubs" (also here, live). Eels new album is streaming on the NYT.

A little short, but that's all I got! Greetings from scenic John F. Kennedy Airport everyone! Try the Singapore noodles, they're not bad.

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