Top 20 Emmy Roundtable Moments

Robert Trachtenberg for Newsweek

Six sizzling actors sat down for NEWSWEEK's annual Emmy Roundtable to discuss their award-worthy TV performances. And while the discussion with 'Lost''s Matthew Fox, 'Mad Men''s Christina Hendricks, 'Modern Family''s Eric Stonestreet, 'Breaking Bad''s Bryan Cranston, 'Friday Night Lights''s Connie Britton, and 'Glee''s Chris Colfer centered on craft, we also got the actors to dish about their worst first gigs, most embarrassing moments, and behind-the-scenes secrets (watch the full video here). There were many great moments, but here are our top 20 favorites.

The nominees play a game where they have to pick which of each other's shows they'd like to make a guest appearance on.

Is the Lost and Party of Five star really giving up on the small screen?

Even though she's got her own Barbie doll, someone in this Mad Men star's life thinks she's still got a ways to go. Find out who.

The Modern Family star on why being a TV star isn't what it used to be.

The Glee star—who's been obsessed with the Emmys his whole life—dishes about his Emmy date and outfit.

The nominees discuss the most nerve-racking guest-starring moments of their careers.

The star keeps silent on spoilers, but reveals this about the final moments.

For all the talk about sexual orientation in Hollywood, you might think fans would approve of the straight Stonestreet playing a lovable gay dad on Modern Family. Apparently, not so.

No one would say Hollywood is easy, but did we really think it was this hard?

Believe it or not, the Lost star and Emmy nominee has never seen the hit show that he's nominated for. Fellow stars suggest he do some catching up.

Emmy nominees can have humble beginnings too. The stars discuss embarrassing early-career commercials they hope to never see again.

The stars on which of their costars deserve an Emmy nomination more than they do.

The Emmy nominee almost had a run-in with Matt Weiner. Find out why.

Apparently, fans of Glee (a.k.a. "Gleeks") can be quite intense.

How do you catch cast or crew giving away behind-the-scenes secrets? Matthew Fox has the answer.

The Friday Night Lights star on why she thought the series might be a career killer.

The star of Modern Family on his unusual start in show business.

Believe it or not, the star's agents thought she would be a flop. Now she's having the last laugh. Watch the video to find out why.

The young actor and Glee star on his most embarrassing moment on set.

The star has his own theories about the show's controversial series finale.