Alex Rodriguez

A Former Bash Brother Trashes Yet Another

GOP hopeful John McCain is selling tickets for seats on his Straight Talk Express. Cost: a $50 campaign donation. It's no Lincoln Bedroom, but the Coolidge Aisle Seat is lovely. Score: 6Another black eye for newspapers: the Los Angeles Times eats up a con man's tissue-thin lies for a story that pins a 1994 Tupac Shakur shooting on hip-hop mogul Puff Daddy. Score: 38In his new telleven-more-all book, steroidal ex-slugger Jose Canseco fingers Alex Rodriguez as a juicer without facts or full explanation. Must be lonely in the gutter. Score: 73

A Record Paycheck?

Derek Jeter is on deck to break a baseball record. The Yankee shortstop is reportedly close to signing a deal for a $119 million jackpot paying out over seven years, which would make him the highest-salaried man in the game. But this is one record that isn't likely to stand for long. When Seattle's Alex Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jr. become free agents next year, either one might break the $200 million mark. In the meantime, New York fans are applauding their favorite son's sweetheart deal. After all, he's helped bring home three championships in four years--and it's George Steinbrenner's money.