Cold War

Cold War

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    Dr. Strangelove Goes to the Moon

    Recently declassified top-secret documents reveal the many bizarre—and occasionally scary—schemes behind the frantic scramble to win the space race
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    Some Good Mole Nostalgia

    ABC’s true-life miniseries about the CIA’s desperate race to plug a deadly leak underscores the limits of NSA spying
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    America’s Fukushima?

    The nuclear reactors at Hanford made plutonium for Fat Man, the nuclear weapon dropped on Nagasaki, and stocked our Cold War arsenal; today, they sit on a radioactive wasteland that whistle-blowers say is a ticking time bomb.
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    JFK's Most Underrated Achievement

    One of the JFK administration’s biggest foreign policy accomplishments, the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963 proved a turning point in the Cold War.