Who Is Adam Rippon?

“Just being out is important to me, especially in today’s political climate,” Rippon told Newsweek.

Pictures of same-sex weddings in Australia

"It's another way to show your love and appreciation of your partner in front of the people in your life," Craig Burns, who married his partner Luke Sullivan at midnight, told the Associated Press.

CDC's Banned Words Would Be Deadly For LGBT Americans

“It’s not like this is about PC wording—this is about people being dead because there’s no way to serve them or research appropriate ways to serve them,” Jaime Grant, the executive director of PFLAG, told Newsweek.

Under Trump’s Tax Plan, LGBT People Suffer

“This bill is a disaster for everyone really, but specifically for LGBT [people],” Christopher Stoll, a senior staff attorney at the National Center for Lesbian Rights, told Newsweek. “It will result in deep cuts in programs that LGBT people depend on.”