3-18-17 Resistance Radio

Alt Radio for an Alt History

Resistance Radio, a “Man in the High Castle” project, guesses what tunes and talk radio would have sounded like in an alternate history.
Lee Fields

Lee Fields Preaches the Power of Love

"I'm hoping that people feel what I feel, and maybe we can get a chain reaction going with everybody," Fields says, "so that everybody can do what they can do to make the world better."
2016 Albums

Our Favorite Albums of 2016

Big names like David Bowie, Beyoncé and Radiohead may have released our favorite albums of the year, but they were far from the only artists we were impressed with in 2016.
Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon’s Sound World

The legendary Sonic Youth co-founder discusses Body/Head, the involvement of women in noise music and Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize.