Trump Cheers VA Senate Candidate With Anti-Semite Ties

Virginia Republicans voted to nominate a senatorial candidate with deep connections to white supremacists and anti-Muslim coalitions Tuesday evening. Corey Stewart, a former gubernatorial candidate, confederate statue defender, and praiser of anti-Semites, clinched the nomination.

Trump Won't Fund Infrastructure, But Domino's Will

President Donald Trump promised his supporters an infrastructure plan that would fix America’s decaying roads, bridges and pipes, but in the 508 days since the president took office little work has been done to put those plans into place. Now, Domino’s, the largest pizza chain in the world, is taking matters into its own hands.

Republican Candidate Calls Diversity 'Un-American'

Seth Grossman, a “Make America Great Again” candidate who clinched a surprise win last week in South New Jersey’s Republican congressional primary, is coming under national scrutiny for saying that “the whole idea of diversity is a bunch of crap and un-American.”

Avenatti: Company Who Paid Cohen Hiding Something

“There’s a reason why Columbus Nova’s story keeps changing by the day and there’s a reason why they are covering-up. The truth is not pretty...but it is necessary. Mr. Trump will not serve out his term.”

Donald Trump Says North Korea Talks Back On

Everybody’s favorite "will they or won’t they" situation took another turn Friday morning as President Donald Trump announced that he would once again consider attending a summit with North Korea in Singapore on June 12th in Singapore.

Barack Obama: I Did Not Have Scandals as President

President Barack Obama took a light swing at his successor during a tech conference in Las Vegas Wednesday. His eight years in office were scandal free, he told the audience. "I didn't have scandals, which seems like it shouldn't be something you brag about," he joked.

South Korea 'Trying to Make Sense of' Canceled Summit

South Korea appears to be caught unaware and confused by President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of next month’s summit with North Korea. “We are attempting to make sense of what, precisely, President Trump means," said South Korean presidential representative Kim Eui-kyeom in a statement Thursday morning.

White House Considered Ignoring Climate Change: Report

White House officials considered ignoring climate change studies by government scientists in order to come up with their own messaging around the issue, according to an internal White House document obtained by The Washington Post.