Wendy Davis, Rick Perry, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, Hispanics, voting, politics

Wendy Davis, Rick Perry, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, Hispanics, voting, politics

  • 3.28_DT02013_Lakers_02

    I Used to Rule the World

    The sudden fall of the L.A. Lakers under Jim Buss has been the stuff of great fiction—and low comedy
  • 3.21_DT0411_FiestaBowl

    Caligula’s Choirboy

    John Junker, once one of the most powerful men in college football, is going to prison
  • 3.7_DT0210_Iditarod

    Mushin’ Impossible

    In Alaska's 1,049-mile trail sled dog race, coming in last is still an amazing accomplishment. Doing it twice requires a very special musher
  • 2.21_LS0108_Basketball

    A Prairie Hoops Companion

    The city game is being dominated by some college teams in the Midwest. What hath Larry Bird wrought?
  • 2.21_LS0508_Peewee

    The Post-Feminist Flash Gordon

    She went viral in shoulder pads and a helmet, running over, around and through the boys, and now Sam Gordon is looking forward to a bigger challenge… and fifth grade
  • 2.14_LS0307_Heptathlete

    What Makes Sami Not Run?

    Being the best at her sport, a great student and squeaky clean aren’t enough to get her into the championships.
  • 2.7_LS0306_Soccer

    Speaking Soccer

    Translating the tortured, tortuous language of soccer can be a kick in the head
  • 1.31_LS0305_Beckham1

    Beck’s Got Next

    A soccer demigod may be ready to plant his MLS franchise in Miami, a town that’s in no mood to build him – or anyone – a new stadium
  • 1.31_NJ_Football

    Down and Out in New Jersey

    Football started here. So there. Here’s a timeline of the Garden State’s most memorable football moments, some of which denizens wish they could forget
  • 1.24_LS0104_Neumann

    Hello, Neumann

    He might be the best basketball player you’ve never heard of, but hoops isn’t why you need to hear Johnny Neumann’s story of weed, women, rebellion and homework
  • 1.17_LS0103_Sports

    Winning By Losing

    Scott Mitchell’s team isn’t ready for March Madness, but they had plenty of madness (and fun) in December