Travel: Score Me a Pizza?

Ohmigod, like, who wants to visit some boring museum! To better serve the acne-and-braces set, some hotels are now offering "teen concierges" to advise their younger guests who are on family vacations. Mostly during summer months and holidays, the concierges are on duty at Four Seasons hotels in London and some cities in the United States and Canada; the Ritz Carlton in Chicago; the Tamrack in Idaho.

At the Four Seasons in Chicago, concierge Cynthia Waldmeier, 21, relies on her younger sister and other teen peeps to keep up with the local hot spots. Her latest suggestions: skip Water Tower Place and head to happenin' jaunts like the Denim Lounge for jeans and Kamehachi for sushi. At the hotel's New York location, Ilana Yamin, 18, steers teens to Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg in Brooklyn for vintage clothes and the Iridium Jazz Club in Manhattan. At 18 Hyatt resorts, the concierge helps arrange Sweet 16 slumber parties and surfing lessons. Very kewl.