Trump: Who's the Boss at Home?

He's a real-estate developer, a reality-TV star and a published author. But the job that Donald Trump doesn't talk much about? Being a dad. After raising four children from two previous marriages—Donald Jr., 29; Ivanka, 25; Eric, 23, and Tiffany, 13—the 60-year-old Trump is changing diapers again (OK, we mean that metaphorically). Last year, his wife, Melania, gave birth to a son, Barron William. Trump spoke to NEWSWEEK about the ups and downs of fatherhood.

NEWSWEEK: What's different about being a father at this point in your life?
TRUMP: I think you appreciate it more as you get older. When you're young and a father, you tend not to think about it as much.

Did you take any time off after Barron was born?

Not even a single day?
I was at the hospital.

But did you go back to work that same day?
Pretty much. That's my thing.

How do you balance your jobs as an executive and as a father?
It's awfully helpful when you have a wife who takes care of your children. It makes your life a lot easier. Some wives do that. Some wives don't.

Your wife, Melania, is a stay-at-home mom.
One hundred percent.

Did she work prior to Barron's birth?
She was a successful model. But she gave that up.

Do you have a babysitter?
Yes, we do.

But it's not Rosie O'Donnell?
No. I don't want to scare my child.

What's your opinion of a mom who goes back to work after having children?
I think it's much harder for a woman than it is for the man, to be honest with you. A woman is more intent on taking care of the children. I know a lot of working moms. I have quite a few working for the Trump organization. But it depends on the woman and the family.

What's your relationship like with your other children?
I'm very lucky in that I've had children who have done not only well in school but they're doing very well in business. Three have joined me so far. They really have done an outstanding job.

Are there any pitfalls to employing your own children?
I love working with my children. Two were on "The Apprentice," Ivanka and Donald.

Would you ever fire any of your children?
It would be very tough.

How much do you estimate each of your children have cost you financially?
I never thought about that. But it's not cheap.

What advice do you have for people raising children with a smaller income than yours?
Work hard. Make plenty of money.