Two from the Road...

ITEM! When Sen. Joe Biden's campaign plane landed at Signature Flight Support in St. Louis this afternoon around 4:00 p.m Eastern, Gov. Sarah Palin's plane was still on the tarmac. How did I know? Because Palin's plane actually says "McCain-Palin"--unlike Biden's, which features the name of Minneapolis's low-cost Sun Country carrier: 

Wasn't Obama supposed to be the candidate with all the cash?

ITEM! The meal on board Joe Force One this afternoon was the appropriately named "Philadelphia Executive Pack": a cheesesteak or chicken cheesesteak with a soft pretzel and Tastykake on the side:

Clearly this was some sort of pre-debate comfort food for Sen. Biden, who lives well within the suburban orbit of Philadelphia. (As it was for Stumper, who grew up on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River.) My only question is whether it was the "Breakfast of Champions" sort of comfort food--or more like a last meal.

Hotcha! Thank you ladies and germs. I'll be here all week.