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    Will McChrystal's Dismissal Lead to a Wider Shakeup?

    Why should President Obama's shakeup of his Afghan team stop with the firing of Gen. Stanley McChrystal? After all, some of the harsh comments the general and his aides made about policymakers, while perhaps insubordinate and disruptive, were not necessarily wrong. Tragically, they reflect a broader truth: Afghan policy is in disarray, and the people behind the policy are at odds with one another.
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    Pelosi's Deadlock Holds Up Intel Czar Nomination

    The House speaker is blocking a floor vote on an intelligence-reform bill that she says doesn't go far enough to strengthen congressional oversight of sensitive spy operations. But congressional sources say that unless Pelosi allows the legislation to move forward, key senators are likely to stall confirmation hearings for James Clapper, the Obama administration's nominee to be director of national intelligence.
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    Environmentalists Split on BP Response

    The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico has left a divide among activists: how hard should they press Obama on climate change and other issues? The fear is that a golden opportunity is passing.
  • greene-caroina-stuck-coppins-hsmall

    What Makes Alvin Greene Run?

    Seated in his dimly lit den on a rural stretch of highway in Manning, S.C., Alvin Greene rattles off talking points for his unlikely candidacy for U.S. Senate. The 32-year-old unemployed Army vet came from nowhere to win the Democratic primary earlier this month, raising suspicions of dirty tricks. But another possibility is emerging: this was the quixotic quest of a strange man.
  • petraeus-mcchrystal-afghanistan-wide

    After McChrystal, What's Next for Afghanistan?

    The abrupt dismissal of Gen. Stanley McChrystal for making inappropriate remarks and the simultaneous announcement that he would be succeeded by his superior, CentCom Commander David Petraeus, papered over Obama’s real problem: the counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy that McChrystal championed and Petraeus virtually invented may be fatally flawed, at least as it’s practiced in Afghanistan.
  • gal-torture-timeline-tease

    A New Debate Over CIA Doctors and Torture

    CIA medical personnel face allegations of “unethical” human experimentation and research and complicity in torture. The health-care workers are not only being accused of violating national and international laws, but also of breaking their professional and ethical commitments in the name of national security.
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    Does the Fed Really Care About Unemployment?

    Ben Bernanke is standing pat on monetary policy and doing nothing new to boost jobs. Here’s why he may go down in history as the Federal Reserve chairman who won the crisis but lost the recovery.
  • The Tea Party's Missed Opportunity in Utah

    With two Tea Party candidates competing for the Republican Senate nomination in Utah last night, the movement was bound to notch another victory. But it also lost an opportunity to talk about how activists would govern.
  • obama-mccrystal-artlede

    New General, Same Problem

    Barack Obama, as candidate and president, in effect created the IED known as Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Now that improvised explosive device has blown up in the midst of the Obama presidency. The damage is severe, if not crippling.
  • who-can-you-trust-tease

    Who Can You Trust? Oil-Spill Edition, Volume 9

    "Who Can You Trust?" is an ongoing look at some of the main players in the gulf oil-spill disaster. This week: BP starts a new organization, and a judge with oil-spill interests rules against the drilling ban.
  • nikki-haley-south-carolina-hsmall

    How Nikki Haley Survived Political Scandal

    In the old days, gubernatorial candidate Haley wouldn’t have had a chance. Accused not once, but twice, of marital infidelity, how did she survive a firestorm of controversy?

    McChrystal Relieved of Command

    After meeting with President Obama for less than 30 minutes this morning, Gen. Stanley McChrystal was relieved of his command of troops in Afghanistan. Obama said it was "a change in personnel," but "not a change in policy."
  • Conservative Pundits, Lawmakers Split Over McChrystal Resignation

    Conservative pundits have been critical of Gen. Stanley McChrystal for talking trash about the administration to a Rolling Stone reporter, but many are arguing that Obama shouldn’t have accepted the general’s resignation, and that in fact it’s Obama’s poor judgment that started the mess.
  • Was3092332,x-default

    Elena Kagan's White House Inbox

    Maybe e-mails are the window into a Supreme Court nominee's soul. As U.S. solicitor general from 1995 to 1999, the Kagan's email persona was humorous, opinionated, astute, and often prescient.
  • deepwater-drilling-ban-hsmall

    Deepwater Drilling Ban Lifted ... for Now

    After a federal judge lifted Obama’s six-month ban on deepwater drilling on Tuesday, the White House vowed an instant appeal. Both sides, strangely, agree on doing nothing until more information is known.
  • steele-young-eagles-hsmall

    How Much Did the RNC Lose on the Young Eagles Program?

    With the revelation that the RNC paid $103,000 to a staffer who resigned in April, the now-abolished Young Eagles program to encourage younger donors appears to be an even bigger money loser than previously thought—and another setback in the GOP's effort to garner youth support.
  • McChrystal Enemies,x-default

    What General McChrystal's Comments Really Tell Us

    Generals demand that political leaders respect their professional expertise. In return, it's expected that generals understand the multiple pressures weighing on their civilian leaders, and respect—even if they don't agree with—whatever compromises these pressures dictate. At this point, can McChrystal and Obama reconcile their differences?
  • peter-orszag-klein-hsmall

    Peter Orszag's Legacy

    Peter Orszag is reportedly stepping down as director of the Office of Management and Budget. His tenure may be remembered for tabloid headlines, but he also deserves credit for making health-care reform possible.
  • shahzad-plea-times-square-declass-hsmall

    Mysteries Persist Despite Shahzad’s Times Square Guilty Plea

    Although he spent more than half an hour laying out his story before a federal court in New York on Monday as he said he was pleading guilty to his failed attempt to set off a car bomb in Times Square, Faisal Shahzad left some important questions unanswered. How did he hook up with the Pakistani Taliban? Who imbued him with such a burning hatred of America?
  • mcchrystal-obama-thomas-hsmall

    A General Who Speaks His Mind (Even When He Shouldn't)

    Officers have been complaining about the politicians back in Washington for as long as anyone can remember, but they generally do it privately. But while Gen. Stanley McChrystal was foolish to be so unguarded around Rolling Stone, it’s better to have a commander who feels compelled to speak the truth than one who just tells his civilian bosses what they wish to hear.
  • Will Utah Republicans Play Dirty Today?

    Something rotten in Utah? Rumors are swirling that Republican voters may crash the Democrats' "open primary" today to nominate an unelectable candidate. Will it happen?
  • gal-gay-rights-world

    A Climate of Uncertainty for Gay Rights

    Within the gay-rights movement this year, there have been gains both large and small: hospital visitation rights, the passage of hate-crime legislation, congressional votes that could repeal the military ban on openly gay soldiers. So why are so many activists concerned?