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  • bp-oil-estimate

    Feds Double Gulf Oil-Leak Estimates

    First BP said about 5,000 barrels of oil were leaking into the Gulf of Mexico each day. Then an independent panel revealed it was more likely to be between 12,000 and 19,000 barrels. Now a federal group revised that to as much as 30,000.
  • Obama Cracks Down on Classified Leaks

    The Obama administration is quietly ratcheting up its campaign against national-security leaks with a series of moves that are surprising intelligence-community veterans. One recent example: a memo, signed by National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair before his departure last month, that will require Justice Department prosecutors to make quick decisions about charging federal employees suspected of disclosing classified info.
  • gal-gay-rights-world

    'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal: A Possible Timeline

    Last month marked the beginning of the end for the military's policy on gay servicemembers. But when will the ban be repealed, and how exactly will life change for gay soldiers currently serving, or for those wishing to serve?
  • 60653199,x-default

    Will Arnold Be Back?

    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proved that maybe he was cut out for politics. Now, his lame-duck status has everyone—including himself—wondering what he'll do next.
  • Left Wing Says Senate Jobs Bill Falls Short

    The original stimulus bill from 2009 offered subsidies for laid-off workers to extend their health-insurance coverage under COBRA, which is normally quite expensive. The period in which laid-off workers are eligible for COBRA subsidies was extended several times, but not in the House or new Senate versions of the measure.
  • wcyt-trending-up-header

    Who Can You Trust? Oil Spill Edition

    "Who Can You Trust?" is an ongoing look at some of the main players in the gulf oil-spill disaster. We analyze the media appearances and public statements of those covering, controlling, and combating the spill to determine who's spinning for personal advantage, who's playing to the crowd, and who (or what) we can truly count on.  
  • GOP Candidate: Tent Camps for Illegal Immigrants

    It's hard to imagine that the immigration debate in Arizona could get more extreme, but it did this week when Arizona State Treasurer Dean Martin, a Republican candidate for governor, suggested Tuesday that the state could build tent cities to house what could be a vastly rising number of illegal immigrants arrested under the state's new immigration law.
  • Remember, Carly, the Camera Is Always On

    Oops. GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina was caught on-camera dissing Sen. Barbara Boxer's hair, and questioning Meg Whitman's decision to go on Sean Hannity's show.
  • Memo Complicates Intel-Czar Nomination

    A Pentagon memo objects to a congressional proposal regarding oversight of the intelligence czar's office. But who wrote the memo, and what are its aims?
  • volunteer-hsmall

    How to Help the Gulf Recover From the Oil Spill

    Watching the damage caused by the BP disaster can make one feel helpless. But there are many ways that people can donate time, money, or resources to potentially make a horrible situation better.
  • meg-whitman-hsmall-romano

    Tuesday's Primaries: None of the Narratives Apply

    As mandated by the laws of punditry, the day after a big election is usually spent trying to reduce the previous evening's results into one easily digestible narrative. But last night's results from California—and from the rest of the country—defy easy categorization. Maybe that's for the best.
  • meg-whitman-tease

    Ladies' Night

    In an election season marked by voters' desire for outsider candidates, the true story of the primaries is the women who won.
  • california-prop-14-wide

    California's Prop 14: Winners and Losers

    California’s biggest vote Tuesday night was to open primaries to the whole state starting in 2012. What that will mean for the state’s political parties and interest groups.
  • primaries-nancy-pelosi-hsmall

    Palin vs. Pelosi and Other 2010 Midterm Themes

    Election Day 2010 is five months away, so predicting the November bottom line is foolish. But as the primary season grinds on (Tuesday was the biggest day yet), you can get a sense of themes and trends likely to dominate the fall campaigns. Here are a few.
  • palin-oil-obama

    Sarah Palin and Big Oil

    The former governor's barbs against President Obama over the oil spill leave some inconvenient truths out of her own history.
  • primaries-sharron-angle-hsmall

    The Unexpected Candidates Who Could

    Some eccentric and unusual candidates snuck under the wire in Tuesday's primaries and will be competing in November's elections. Here's our guide to the fringe candidates to watch.
  • Iowa Primary,x-default

    Today's Primaries: All Politics Is National

    President Obama's stunning rise was said to be proof that our political system was still running as the Founders built it. But on the biggest primary day of the year, it doesn’t seem that way to dismayed voters across the country.
  • tease-san-joaquin-tent-cities

    California's Desperate Measures

    Radical times call for radical ideas, and today, California voters are considering something pretty different. Specifically: getting rid of partisan primaries.
  • deepwater-horizon-explosion

    Leaked Reports Expose BP's Safety Record

    Newly revealed internal safety investigations carried out by BP indicate an alarming pattern of neglect and a culture skewed towards silencing whistleblowers. The reports were turned up in an investigation by ProPublica and The Washington Post.
  • palin-romney-primary-hsmall

    Palin, Romney Play Chess in Tuesday's Primaries

    Presumed 2012 presidential hopefuls are watching election results closely, to see if their endorsements mattered. Backing a winner could pay big dividends going forward, but picking a loser could tarnish one's star power.