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  • gays-military-dadt-Fe02-tease

    The Military Should Quickly Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

    As a benefit of lagging behind our allies, we already know the basics of a successful transition. Rather than a deliberative transition, our allies' experience suggests the shift should be done quickly. Rather than surveying soldiers' attitudes on gay service, the repeal of DADT should be done top-down and authoritatively. Above all, our review of the issue should be placed in the context of broader personnel concerns such as diversity and sexual harassment.
  • obama-speech-oil-spill-arthed

    Why Obama's Tough Talk About BP Won't Help

    From the no-nonsense tone to the rolled-up sleeves, Obama looked and sounded the part of the engaged chief executive, so the pundits who all but ordered him to the gulf should be satisfied. But his implied threat of punitive action is beginning to have a familiar ring—too familiar.
  • The Dems’ Secret Plan to Hold Congress

    Everyone says that the Democratic Party is going to lose scores of congressional seats in November’s midterm elections—even the Democrats themselves. But behind the scenes, the party is doing everything it can to ensure that its losses aren’t nearly as bad as the pundits expect. Will the plan work?
  • Obama's Unlikely Defender: Laura Bush

    Most political pundits have been quick to blame the oil disaster on Obama. Within a couple of days conservatives began calling it "Obama's Katrina," referencing his predecessor's response to the 2005 disaster. But Friday morning, Obama found an unusual supporter—former First Lady Laura Bush.
  • Haley

    Nikki Haley and Acceptable Racism

    South Carolina state Sen. Jake Knotts's racist comments about Nikki Haley point to a new trend of "acceptable racism"—targeting Middle Easterners and Muslims.
  • Newsverse: Get Your Rage On

    This week's installment of our humorous take on the news, in light verse, about how President Obama has been criticized for not getting angry enough about the gulf oil spill.
  • Intel-Czar Nominee Faces Tough Congressional Battle

    President Obama has named Pentagon intel chief James Clapper, a retired Air Force lieutenant general, as the new director of national intelligence. However, Clapper's nomination faces potentially serious political problems on Capitol Hill.
  • credit-card-debt-hsmall

    Paying America's Debt, With Your AmEx

    A government program that allows concerned citizens to help pay off the national debt with donations now accepts credit-card payments. Is this a good use of your personal MasterCard?
  • Obama Demonstrates the Power of Regulation

    Rules issued by the Obama administration on Wednesday expanding gay rights and protecting air travelers show that the president can make a difference in people's lives, no matter what happens in Congress.
  • oil-spill-timeline-bird-may-9

    The Moment for an Energy Bill?

    The gulf spill may not push Congress to pass its climate and energy bill. But Obama hopes people watching horrified at home won't accept anything less.
  • brewer-obama-conant-hsmall

    Right Wing: Brewer-Obama Summit a Fence to Nowhere

    If Arizona watchers were hoping for news or progress from today's meeting of President Obama and Gov. Jan Brewer to discuss the state's new immigration law, they will be sorely disappointed. Conservative news outlets were particularly nonplused.
  • What Blago's Trial Really Means for Obama

    If there's one thing the Obama administration doesn't need today, it's the Rod Blagojevich trial reminding people of what "Chicago-style politics" are all about.
  • Is Colorado's Andrew Romanoff Another Sestak?

    Rushing to quell another potential PR hit, the White House last night admitted it had discussed an administration job with Andrew Romanoff, a Democrat who is challenging Sen. Michael Bennet, a White House favorite, for Colorado's Senate nomination.
  • APTOPIX Gulf Oil Spill,x-default

    How Should We Punish BP?

    Newsweek and Slate readers offer their most creative, incisive, and sadistic ideas for how the oil company should pay for the devastating spill.
  • tease-washington-regulators

    The BP-Goldman Continuum

    The reason you can’t give regulators (of Wall Street or big oil) too much "discretion" is that they’ll always be outsmarted by the private sector. That’s why standards have to be spelled out in the law.
  • 58167493,x-default

    Politics 101: How Not to Get Attention

    GOP Senate candidate Rep. Mark Kirk falsely claimed to have won a prestigious war medal, but it's getting less attention than Democratic candidate Richard Blumenthal's misstatements about his service. The difference? Vietnam versus the Balkans, who broke the story, and Kirk actually served.
  • Another Dent in the Anti-Incumbent Narrative

    Tuesday's contests in Alabama, Mississippi, and New Mexico have given the pundits yet another opportunity to prattle on about "anti-establishment" fever. But here's what the results really tell us about the 2010 midterms.
  • wri-greetings-afghanistan-060210-tease

    Greetings From Afghanistan: Send More Ammo

    Capt. Benjamin Tupper was deployed to the front lines in Afghanistan as part of an Embedded Training Team tasked with training the ramshackle Afghan National Army. He’s simultaneously faithful to the mission and critical of its execution.
  • Canada Hands Over Terror Suspect

    A man suspected by U.S. authorities of terrorist ties, who was taken off an airplane in Canada on Sunday, has been handed over to the United States, according to U.S. and Canadian officials.
  • Dissecting the ACORN ‘Pimp’s’ New Census Video

    The conservative activist who brought down ACORN earlier this year with a pimp hat and a hidden camera is at it again. His target this time around: the U.S. Census. Apparently, James O’Keefe got a job as a census worker in New Jersey and secretly recorded his training, along with conversations with various supervisors.
  • al-tipper-gore-fineman-hsmall

    Al and Tipper Gore Were Always the Odd Couple

    They were an odd couple from the start, a teenage romance that tried—and, after 40 years, failed—to bridge the divides that were inherent in it from the start: political versus nonpolitical Washington; ambition versus another day at the beach; a need to internalize and intellectualize versus the drummer in the band.