How To Stop The Alt-Right

Clashing with the alt-right at their hate-filled rallies only gives them the exact attention they want, the Southern Poverty Law Center tells Newsweek.

What the KKK Really Thinks of Blacks and Latinos

"Black people have organizations that fight for black power, and Jews look out for each other," said David Duke. "But there isn't anyone except the Klan who will fight for the rights of white people."

Richard Spencer to Continue College Tour

Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute and self-described creator of the term "alt-right," has been invited to appear at a "White Lives Matter" rally at Texas A&M University on Sept. 11. 

El Chapo Might Not Be Able to Pay Private Lawyers

Guzman’s public defenders argued that he should be able to hire private defense attorneys without worrying that prosecutors would seize their fees by claiming the money came from his estimated $14 billion in drug proceeds.
White nationalists and counter-protesters, Charlottesville, Virginia

No, Nazis Are Not Democrats Nor Socialists

A poor and misguided connection between Nazis and democratic socialism began floating around social media following the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend.