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    Al and Tipper Gore Were Always the Odd Couple

    They were an odd couple from the start, a teenage romance that tried—and, after 40 years, failed—to bridge the divides that were inherent in it from the start: political versus nonpolitical Washington; ambition versus another day at the beach; a need to internalize and intellectualize versus the drummer in the band.
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    Al and Tipper Gore Separating After 40 Years of Marriage

    Former vice president Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, have told friends they have decided to separate after 40 years of marriage, Politico reports. In an e-mail to friends, they wrote, "This is very much a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration. We ask for respect for our privacy and that of our family, and we do not intend to comment further."...
  • The Gores Run Aground

    Separate interests have led to separate lives. And a definitive end to political life.
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    Obama Signals a Long Deepwater Drilling Freeze

    Speaking before reporters in the Rose Garden, the president says he won’t be approving new deepwater drilling until “we can be confident we’ve done what’s necessary to prevent history from repeating itself.”
  • Montreal Incident Points Up Continuing Gaps in 'No Fly' Rules

    The case of an Aeroméxico flight denied access to U.S. airspace after a passenger's name was found on the U.S. "no fly" list highlights continuing gaps in the U.S. government’s no-fly system, which is supposed to prevent people on the list from boarding U.S.-bound flights.
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    The DEA's Pot-Grower Problem

    Last year Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. vowed to end federal raids on sellers of medical marijuana. But the feds are leaning on another integral part of the weed business: growers.
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    New York in World War II

    Seventy years after it sweated and struggled to funnel troops to the front line, New York City has become the front line. Lower Manhattan still bears the scars of the 9/11 attacks, and if the Times Square bomber hadn't been so feckless, midtown would have its own crater and makeshift shrine.
  • gal-tease-soldiers-images-of-war

    Beinart's 'Icarus Syndrome': We Are Too Ambitious

    The United States has undertaken absurdly ambitious goals for the battle it is about to fight in Afghanistan. Is Obama replaying a tragic American script? Peter Beinart's 'The Icarus Syndrome' suggests he might be.
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    New Rules for Campaigns' Use of Social Media

    Ahead of the midterms, four local election commissions are considering crackdowns—the first of their kind—on how candidates and their campaigns handle online advertising and social-media sites.
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    The Price of Forgetting Soldiers' Sacrifices

    Americans easily forget about war and soldiers’ sacrifices because so few of us have any direct connection to those who are fighting now. The military has become another country, a place where a disproportionate number of disadvantaged young Americans go to find their way.
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    2010 Likely to Bring a Crop of One-Term Senate Wonders

    Calculating the impact of the BP spill on the midterm elections is almost as hard as measuring the flow of oil from the hole in the ocean floor. Everybody’s got their own assessment. As President Obama scrambled to prevent the burgeoning ecological crisis from turning into a political nightmare, late-night talk-show host Jay Leno observed that among the species facing extinction as a result of the spill, “the odds-on favorite is Democrats.”
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    The Republicans Look Left and West

    Since the second Bush left the White House, something different is happening in Republicanland: a shift away from Southern-style conservatism to a Western variety. You see this in the figures who have dominated the GOP since Barack Obama's election.
  • School 'Zero-Tolerance' Policies Don't Work

    In New York, many nonviolent incidents have landed kids in court. Last year, the state sent over 1,400 to correctional facilities, which recent reports suggest don't help.

    Trial, Error, and the Gulf of Mexico

    Government is not the root of all evil; neither are corporations. But governments fail, and corporations fail. Look no farther than the Gulf of Mexico for evidence of the culpability and responsibility of both entities for an unfolding and spreading disaster.
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    Why the Immigration Issue May Just Fade Away

    Yet again, Americans are suffering a period of national distress over illegal immigration. However a little-known, but enormously significant, demographic development is unfolding south of our border that could make all this angst ultimately an over-reaction.
  • obama-gulf-speech

    Obama: Get Your Shirt Dirty

    The president was remarkably rigid during his visit to the gulf Friday. If he had gotten down in the muck, or angrily shaken his fist, it would have earned precious political capital with the region's residents and fishermen.
  • dadt-choi-pietrangelo-protest

    Activists Embark on Hunger Strike

    Many gay advocates were celebrating the votes, but concerns remain. Lt. Dan Choi and Captain Jim Pietrangelo began what could potentially be a lengthy hunger strike and have three demands for President Obama.
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    Next Steps for 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' Repeal

    We now know that a repeal of "don’t ask, don’t tell" will be inserted into the defense authorization bill, which will be due for a vote in late June or early July. That step was a huge victory, but there are many hurdles still facing the repeal.
  • War Inquiry Met Second-Tier Bush Officials

    The British official inquiry team examining the origins and conduct of the Iraq War met with some relatively senior former officials of the George W. Bush administration on a weeklong visit earlier in May. But, as the Brits admitted today, none of the administration's heavy hitters would talk.
  • Obama Plugs Leaks Bush-Style

    Expected criminal charges related to a Fox News story last June are only the latest example of a wide-ranging Obama administration crackdown against leakers—an enforcement campaign that may exceed similar efforts under President George W. Bush, according to some media groups.
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    BP Stays Positive Despite Report of Setbacks

    Due to stalled progress and mixed messages, the results of BP's ongoing efforts to carry out a "top kill" to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico are increasingly unclear.