Pittsburgh Paper's Employees Revolt

The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh released a statement speaking out against an editorial published Monday titled “Reason as Racism: An Immigration Debate Gets Derailed.”
djt mulvaney

Trump Targets Payday Loans Rules

The payday lending and title loan industry has been battling the CFPB since Congress created the bureau in 2010—and the fight has intensified since the bureau started crafting rules to regulate short-term lending in 2015.

U.S. Marshal Killed In Shootout

"Harrisburg mourns the loss this morning of a U.S. Marshal who died protecting our residents," Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse said.

Trump Administration Protects Religious Health Workers

The Health and Human Services Department announced the creation of a division to enforce protections for religious health care workers, but activists worry that it could lead workers to opt out of helping LGBT patients and those seeking abortions.

Trump's First Year Is a Failure, Say Many Americans

A majority of Americans see President Donald Trump’s first year in office as a failure—dividing the nation as race relations continue to worsen, while country’s path has taken a course “for the worse.”

Stormy Daniels Was Eyeing A Senate Run

"In one movie, I did play a Secret Service agent marooned on an island controlled by North Korea. I butt heads with dictator Kim Jong-il and come out on top," she said of her aptitude for the job.