Want to Watch a House on a Cliff in Texas Burn and Fall Into a Lake?


That’s not a metaphor for anything, or if it is, we’ll spent decades parsing out what it means.

There is a luxury house suspended at the edge of a massive, crumbling cliff overlooking a lake 60 miles south of Fort Worth, Texas. If authorities don’t act, it’ll plummet into the lake. So they’re burning the whole thing down instead.

Here’s where the house is situated:

From local news photos, it looks like a thoroughly relaxing way to spend a summer Friday afternoon. Or not:

According to NBCDFW, the owner, who consented to today’s arsonist adventures, bought the house for $700,000 in January and vacated the premises two weeks ago. Setting the house on fire is preferable to letting it topple and split into debris in the lake below. Firefighters say the whole thing will take between four and six hours to burn.

Comment below with your Cliff House/"Brick House" puns. And don’t buy a massive house on a terrifying cliff.