Watch Hypnotist Paul McKenna Show You How to Kick Sugar Addiction in Minutes

Paul McKenna - Newsweek Facebook Live
Paul McKenna joined Newsweek for a Facebook Live stream to show us how to kick sugar. Newsweek

Famed British hypnotist Paul McKenna is on a mission to warn the world of the health hazards of sugar with his new self-help guide, Get Control of Sugar Now .

McKenna says that sugar is even more dangerous for us than cigarettes, but we are just not aware just how detrimental it is to our health. (Some studies link higher sugar intake to heart disease and stroke.)

On Thursday, McKenna joined Newsweek at our London headquarters to discuss his new book and show sugar addicts how they can curb their desire for sweet snacks using simple mind programming techniques.

With assistance from Newsweek reporter Teddy Cutler, McKenna demonstrated the simple visualization techniques that—combined with an audio CD included with his book—can help you kick sugar.

Within just a few minutes, McKenna effectively reduced Teddy’s desire for a plate of cookies placed in front of him.

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