This Week in Conservative Media: 'From Allahu Akbar to Crayola Akbar''s Allahpundit comes up with this Crayola Akbar line in a post exploring how two of the four leaders allegedly behind the plot to blow up Northwest Flight 253 last week had been released by U.S. authorities from in late 2007. "This reads like a plot of one of the those over-the-top David Zucker attack ads against the left─except it wasn't the left that presided over this one," writes Allahpundit. The detainees ended up in Saudi Arabia where Allahpundit dscusses how they entered an " 'art therapy rehabilitation program' and were set free, according to U.S. and Saudi officials." (ABC News says it was only one detainee). Allahpundit also discusses earlier plans of the administration to send detainees to Yemen.

"Any reason to worry about that? Yep. Yemen is notorious for jihadi jailbreaks, from mass escapes like the one in 2006 when 23 [Al Qaeda] operatives went loose to the U.S.S. Cole bomber who broke out of prison twice until finally─I kid you not─Yemen simply let him go after he gave them his solemn word that he'd cool it with the jihadism."

Ishmael Jones of The Corner says its time for the U.S. to reexamine its intelligence policies, pointing to reports that the would-be bomber's father actually tried to warn officials of his son's activities.

Jones, a former CIA operative who writes under a pen name, gives a believable and interesting account of how the information likely got lost in the web of bureaucracy. "Ultimately, there are simply so many managers and administrators, in so many separate and loosely organized chains of command, that acquiring the intelligence is a stroke of luck, and getting it to where it needs to go, on time, is almost impossible. To solve this, we need to get CIA officers out of the United States and into foreign countries, get them out of the embassies and on the streets, account for the money, and eliminate byzantine bureaucratic structures." He makes a good point, but one that comes just as reports of the deaths and injuries of several CIA employees in Afghanistan's latest suicide bomb attack.

HotAir's Ed Morrissey focuses on revenge, drawing attention to a Rasmussen poll that suggests a majority of Americans would actually like to see the attempted bomber waterboarded, calling the method the "Cheney option."