This Week In Conservative Media: When it Comes to Fort Hood, Why Ask Why?

“I could not believe I was hearing that question all weekend: why did he do it? Why did a Muslim, in touch with Al Qaeda, open fire on U.S. military personnel?” asks Rush Limbaugh. “I tell you something, folks, political correctness and a lot of other things are gonna lead to our downfall.” Limbaugh also discusses how the House Judiciary Committee just voted to strip the Patriot Act of a provision allowing the government to spy on people who are not linked to known terrorist groups, i.e. “lone wolves.”

The question of whether alleged gunman Nidal Malik Hasan is a lone-wolf madman or a terrorist with links to Al Qaeda is driving many commentators up the wall. Last week we reported that many in the conservative media were asking that same question. But that soul searching moment seems to have passed.

Laura Ingraham links to a WSJ op-ed by Dorothy Rabinowitz that takes on Dr. Phil and lays out the basic question: why on earth is anyone trying to figure out something so clear? “What is hard to ignore, now, is the growing derangement on all matters involving terrorism and Muslim sensitivities. Its chief symptoms: a palpitating fear of discomfiting facts and a willingness to discard those facts and embrace the richest possible variety of ludicrous theories as to the motives behind an act of Islamic terrorism."

In desperation at what is described as an MSM (mainstream media) whitewash, a Washington Times op-ed resorts to complementing a terrorist for his honesty. “The refreshing candor of someone like Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, the shooter in the June attack on the Army recruiting station in Little Rock, Ark., is rare. Reportedly, he said he was a practicing Muslim angry with the U.S. military for its crimes against Muslims and would have shot more than the two soldiers he killed if more had been available. This incident also was called ‘not terrorism.’ ”

WorldNetDaily remarks on Hasan’s allegiance to the Falls Church Mosque, where two 9/11 hijackers were also regulars, and its former cleric, Anwar al-Alwaki, who told followers on his blog (since taken down) that Hasan was a “hero."

Another area of ire? Gun control. Fort Hood should be an example of why we need guns, say commentators like the National Review’s Jay Nordlinger. A Hot Air reader by the name of MadisonConservative (also picked up by Rush Limbaugh) obsesses over efforts by “anti-gun nuts” to ban weapons, in this case the FN Herstal, instead of looking at what the writer feels is the broader picture. “Of course. They tried it with Columbine and Virginia Tech, why not the tragedie du jour?”

Or the DC sniper. Later on Tuesday, John Muhammad will be executed, and his case is yet another example of MSM whitewashing and politically correct hand-wringing, says Michelle Malkin. “The parallels with the Fort Hood case─jihad-inspired killers, media whitewash—are striking. They’re the parallels you can’t talk about without being labeled a bigot, racist, or “extremist.”