What's Behind the Dow's Dizzying Volatility?

What the hell is happening with the Dow? Despite Friday's positive employment numbers, in which the U.S. economy added 290,000 jobs, the stock market fell this morning—thanks to growing concerns about Greece's debt and Thursday's computer glitch that sent the market plummeting.

All this negative market activity prompted The New York Times to compare the stock-market activity over the last week or so to the same "volatile shifts similar to the financial crisis of 2008."  Man, we're not back there, are we? The Financial Times takes a less pessimistic tone and chalks up the stock market's fluctuations to the global economy's delayed reaction to yesterday afternoon and to the politics surrounding the British elections and protests in Greece. Reuters is reporting that the U.S. government is on the case. The Securities and Exchange Commission is holding talks to try to appease investors (not to mention investigating what caused the computer problem on Thursday).