What's Karl Rove Doing in a Census Ad?

As the Obama administration prepares to dispatch U.S. Census Bureau head counters on their decennial door-to-door rounds, right-wing Web sites are feverish with conspiracy theories about how the census is the first step toward communism, totalitarianism, and other isms. But today the census received a strong endorsement from one of the Obama administration's most outspoken critics: Karl Rove.

In a "public service" TV spot airing today on local TV stations around the country, Rove talks about how the census was created by one of the presidents he most admires: "James Madison, principal author of the Constitution. He created an instrument of democracy by writing into the Constitution a requirement for a census every 10 years to ensure fair representation in Congress."

Rove continues: "If you've not yet mailed back your 2010 census form, it's not too late. Please, answer the 10 easy questions. They are almost the same ones Madison helped write for the first census in 1790."

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