The presents have been opened. The eggnog is all gone. Now it's time to strip your house of holiday ornaments before they become permanent decor.

1. Light & Garland Box (containerstore.com; $11.99) Behold, a design that will finally put an end to tangles.

2. Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer (spacesavers.com; $19.99) Ribbons, paper, tape and tissue each gets its own clear pocket.

3. Book-Cloth Ornament Box (holdeverything.com, 800-421-2264; $110) Four drawers of individual compartments protect delicate family treasures for generations.

4. Cardboard Wreath Box (lillianvernon.com; $7.98) The octagonal shape makes packing a cinch.

5. Utility Trunk (holdeverything.com; $130) Stockings, tree stand and tchotchkes galore get stashed in this roomy storage trunk on wheels.

6. Tree recycling (800-CLEANUP or earth911.org; free) Take your tree to a local drop-off site.

7. Peanut recycling (800-828-2214 for drop-off locations; free) Don't be selfish: prevent your Styrofoam peanuts and other packing material from clogging up landfills.