Whisperings of the GOP’s Candidate in 2012

The Conservative Political Action Conference wraps up tomorrow in D.C., and by the time everyone heads home a straw poll will have announced the most popular politicians who spoke here.  “This is an exciting time for conservatives” Rep. Darrell Issa told the crowd today. Conservatives here are energized and hopeful, and many are confident that the 2012 GOP candidate will have stood at podium some time this week. Sarah Palin is on the list, but once again this year didn’t speak at CPAC, which may have hurt her among the conservative establishment gathered here.

Mitt Romney seems to making something of a comeback in conservative circles, with talk of a resurgence here at CPAC this week, the same venue where in 2008 he pulled himself out of the race. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, is also on the straw poll but expectations are low that he’ll clinch it. The real contest will be between Palin and Romney but if enough people write in Marco Rubio, he could easily carry it after his Thursday morning speech that had the crowd practically begging him to run.