William Baldwin, on the Cheap

William Baldwin, a.k.a. the cutest Baldwin, stars in ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money." He talked to Nicki Gostin.

Where are you?
I borrowed my mother-in-law's car while mine was being repaired, so I have to clean hers, gas it up, drop it off and pick up mine. I'm very frugal.

Frugal? You're on a hit TV show.
I'm just one of those guys. I'm calling the Four Seasons right now in Santa Barbara, taking the wife for a little romantic getaway, and I'm like, "Man, I don't want to spend $1,500 a night, I'm on a hit TV show. I want the room for $450." You gotta leverage that s––t.

What about the Holiday Inn?
I'd pay full rate at the Four Seasons rather than stay at Holiday Inn. It's not about me. It's about the wife. Happy wife, happy marriage.

Do you ever get tired of hearing you're cute?
Uh, no. I'd rather hear that than "You're short, fat, bald and have no talent."

In "Dirty" you play a politician who sleeps with transsexuals. How did you research the part?
I had to leave my Method process at the door for this one.

So you're saying you've never slept with trannies?
Not for the research of this project, no. In years past. That's why they cast me. They knew all about the lives I've lived and saw the war stories in my eyes. No audition. Straight to an offer, baby.

Fill in the blank. I'm the best Baldwin actor because …
Um, my mommy told me so.

Or "My brothers suck"?
It would be hard to justify that. My brother Alec has had, like, 17,000 nominations. Would that make it funnier if I said he did suck?

Of course!
Yeah, I'm the better Baldwin actor because all the hot chicks tell me so.

What's your "brother" Adam Baldwin doing now?
Oh, man, I'd love you to do a Q&A with him and conduct the whole interview as if you thought he really was my brother, because he would reach through the phone line and grab you by the throat. I did a movie with him and you could tell he was a little testy about that.

Which Baldwin is the best fighter?
Daniel, because he was the toughest, and the craziest. I had four concussions and a fractured skull by the time I was 8 just by him. When I was 23 we had a fight and my mom tried to break it up and we knocked her teeth out.

She shouldn't have gotten in the way. What can I say?