Words and Terms in the News

din (loud noise)
"Ignoring the din of rumbling engines and radio chatter, he began to pray in a strong and reassuring voice, quoting Psalm 121…" (page 28)

denigrate (belittle; attack the reputation of)
"Such stories have not caused more outrage because of widespread reluctance to denigrate the Army." (page 37)

narrative (story)
"The Army insists that pressure from politicians and the hero-hungry media led to the phony narrative." (page 37)

dogma (an established, widely-accepted point of view)
"That dogma went unquestioned until researchers actually looked at oxygen-starved heart cells under a microscope." (page 56)

shun (avoid)
"It means getting meat from ranchers who not only shun the use of antibiotics and growth hormones, but also raise their animals humanely and in a free-roaming environment." (page 68)

foie gras (liver pate)
"As for foie gras, my customers and I can easily live without it." (page 68)

purveyors (suppliers)
"I’ve hired someone who will police my purveyors." (page 68)

secular (not religious or church-related)
"But the same poll found that 36 percent of troops found themselves at official gatherings at least once a month that were supposed to be secular but started with a prayer." (page 28)