Words and Terms in the News

adversity (hardship)
“New York was emerging from adversity and Giuliani wanted the credit.” (page 28)

ardent (intensely enthusiastic)
“Ed Koch, the former New York mayor who’d supported Giuliani in the 1993 and ’97 campaigns, became an ardent critic.” (page 29)

churlishness (the quality of being difficult to deal with)
“…his resolute conviction sometimes leads to churlishness and a tendency to divide the world into good and evil, with little apparently in between.” (page 33)

hybrid (combined components)
“General Motors and Toyota were once neck-and-neck when it came to developing high-mileage gasoline-electric hybrid cars.” (page 42)

audacious (bold, disposed to take risks)
“Instead, Okuda did the unthinkable: he went public with an audacious target to capture first 10 percent of the global market, and then 15 percent.” (page 44)

vanquish (conquer)
“‘I don’t view Toyota as an insurmountable obstacle that GM can’t vanquish,’ says Lutz.” (page 44)

euphemistically (using an inoffensive term instead of one that might offend)
“Thatcher was promoted to what the sorority euphemistically called ‘alumnae status’ even though, as a size 8, she made the unofficial weight cut.” (page 47)

eclectic (mixed, diverse)
“Cindy Babington, DePauw’s dean of students, may have given a clue in describing DZ as filling ‘a great eclectic niche.’” (page 47)