Words and Terms in the News

yawning (cavernous)
“The yawning ratio marks progress: better body armor and helmets are shielding more soldiers from fatal wounds.” (page 34)

atypical (unusual)
“Albert’s situation is probably atypical.” (page 35)

concede (to acknowledge grudgingly)
“But people inside the system do concede there’s a shortage of mental-health workers at many of the VA’s hospitals and clinics across the country.” (page 35)

myriad (a large number)
“‘The VA, in its budgeting process, carefully prepares for future costs so that we can continue to deliver the quality health care and myriad benefits veterans have earned.’” (page 37)

deconstructed (taken apart in order to reveal the basis of something)
“If you’ve ever puzzled over why packaged foods contain ‘polysorbate 60’ or ‘mono and diglycerides,’ Ettlinger’s new book, ‘Twinkie, Deconstructed,’ is a treat you’ll want to try.” (page 50)

profligate (wildly extravagant)
“This had the advantage, environmentally speaking, of saving on construction materials and transportation…and the corresponding disadvantages of having to retrofit a building that was designed and built decades ago when profligate energy use was the norm.” (page 66)

gratuitous (unnecessary)
“And none of this would seem noteworthy or gratuitous or cruel.” (page 78)