Words and Terms in the News

reciprocal (related to something given or done in return)
“‘It forced small and weak countries to liberalize but made few reciprocal openings in the U.S. market to their products.’” (page 36)

genocidal (related to the deliberate killing of people based on ethnicity, nationality or religion)
“The aid workers on the scene, at the edge of a conflict the U.S. government now calls genocidal, could not agree more.” (page 38)

attest (to witness or affirm to be true)
entourage (a group that follows and attends to an important person)
“Even now, as aid workers on the ground attest, she travels with no entourage.” (page 40)

accoutrements (equipment carried and worn by a soldier; from a French word for “to equip”)
“But despite all the accoutrements, this was hardly Fallujah, and these troops … were only weekend warriors. ” (page 51)

claymores (land mines whose blast is aimed at the oncoming enemy)
“Seth Weiland … arrived with an arsenal of paintball-enabled rocket launchers, claymores and explosive mines.” (page 51)

inferred (concluded based on evidence)
“…Our species’ genealogy was inferred from stones and bones.” (page 54)

begat (to cause; in the Bible, to be the father of someone)
“…Toumai is valuable because he undermines the ‘begat’ model of human evolution....” (page 55)

cognitive (related to conscious intellectual activity)
“Some kind of cognitive advance was required, probably in language or working memory.” (page 58)