Words and Terms in the News

Gaia (from the Greek for "land" or "earth")
"If Chase has her way, GoLoco will be the behavioral equivalent of the Prius, zapping enviro-guilt while cooling off Gaia." (page 20)

crucible (a severe test)
"The crucible for GoLoco will be whether people are willing to open that car door." (page 20)

wan (pale or feeble)
"The players were clearly less than impressed with Imus’s wan explanation that ridicule was his job." (page 32)

magnanimity (generosity)
"The magnanimity of 10 women athletes … provided a stark contrast to the ire and invective on both sides of the Imus debate..." (page 32)

vacillated (moved from one side to another)
contrition (a feeling of remorse for a sin)
umbrage (a feeling of anger caused by being offended)
"While the shock jock turned media power broker vacillated between contrition and umbrage … the women of Rutgers schooled their elders in civility and grace." (page 32)

apocalyptic (relating to a prediction of doom)
"Sen. John McCain … warns of apocalyptic consequences if there’s a pullout." (page 36)

draconian (harsh or severe)
"Others are draconian suggestions tied to fears of disastrous events..." (page 38)

grass-roots protest (originating at the ground level, with ordinary citizens)
"The resulting grass-roots protest grew to include scores of Latino organizations and members of Congress." (page 47)