Words and Terms in the News

Pandora’s box (a source of troubles, based on Greek mythology)
“The ability to make such archives is a Pandora’s box for the digital age.” (page 18)

etiology (origin)
“But the unasked, and perhaps unanswerable, questions show the new sophistication of research on the etiology of violence.” (page 40)

paradigm shift (a significant change from one worldview to another)
“Since the early days of research on the brains of violent felons, however, neuroscience has undergone a paradigm shift.” (page 42)

aberrant (deviating from the normal)
“That raises the possibility that killers’ aberrant brain activity is itself the result of experiences they had or thoughts they thought, rather than something that was wired in at birth.” (page 43)

groundswell (a rapid, spontaneous growth)
partisan (based on parties or factions)
“This groundswell is not partisan or regional.” (page 47)

Eureka (marked by a sudden, triumphant discovery)
“Since Kelso’s ‘Eureka’ moment, his archeological detectives and other scholars have been changing the public’s understanding of Jamestown, which may have been heavily influenced by Walt Disney’s cartoon ‘Pocohontas’… (page 62)

denizens (inhabitants)
“By the time Jamestown gave way to Williamsburg as Colonial Virginia’s capital (1699), its denizens had mortgaged themselves to tobacco-growing and African-American slavery.” (page 62)