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  • kurdish-kids-turkey-OVCO01

    A Civil War Revived

    Turkey’s prime minister promised peace with the country’s Kurdish separatists. A year later, violence between the two sides is worse than ever.
  • moscow-OV02-main

    Moscow Mon Amour

    Meet a mega-rich Pygmalion, his coarse ‘creation,’ and a romantic who battles the wrecking ball.
  • Yemen Self portrait

    Arabia and the Single Girl

    When a young Canadian heads to Yemen, she finds effusive hospitality, an eager guide—and a marriage proposal.
  • musharraf-returns-ovco03-giglio

    Here Comes Musharraf!

    The former Pakistani president has announced his plans to return to politics, But can he win?
  • arab-autumn-co01-carter

    The Arab Autumn

    Does America have the stomach to stand up for freedom once again? By Stephen L. Carter
  • Manny Pacquiao


    Boxer, Godfather, saint, politician ... Is there anything in the world that Manny can’t do?
  • zionism-dayan-fe04-tease

    'Zionism Has Run Its Course'

    These startling words were uttered last week in Tel Aviv by 95-year-old Ruth Dayan, widow of one of Israel's founding fathers
  • egypt-wael-ghonim-OV01-giglio

    The Martyr Who Wasn’t

    Google’s Wael Ghonim was the face of Egypt’s revolution. Now the revolution is struggling. Newsweek tracks down “El Shaheed.
  • france-bettencourt-OVNB02

    France's Bitter Family Feud

    The scandals of L’Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt have shaken the French state and its president to the core.
  • jordan-khasawneh-OVNB03

    For King or for Country?

    As opposition groups in Jordan ask for more reforms, the country’s prime minister–designate will need to walk a careful line.
  • korea-video-games-OV10

    Online Cravings

    South Korea is the most-wired country in the world—and online games are the new drug of choice for its youth.
  • iran-assassins-saudi-arabia-OVNB03-tease

    Iran’s Shadowy Assassins

    The Revolutionary Guard unit behind Iran’s alleged plot to snuff the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S.
  • pirates-OV02-main-art

    Pirates In Paradise

    Somalia’s deadly chaos is spreading across the border into Kenya. Margot Kiser reports.
  • prison-fat-story-gilad

    What's a Prisoner Worth?

    Last week, Israel agreed to trade 1,000 Palestinian prisoners to recover one captured soldier. Here’s how that rates among other famous exchanges.