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  • Iraq

    Baghdad Without America

    At the moment, Iraq is a strange witches’ brew that could blow up—or, just possibly, turn into an elixir for the entire region.
  • nato-libya-IS0795

    Why NATO Matters

    The Libyan intervention was a success, but alliance members are not happy. Next time they’re needed, will they say no?
  • russia-protests-OV02

    Halfway To Where?

    In the aftermath of Russia’s elections, there are hints that things may finally be changing. the question is what the final outcome will be.
  • Arab Spring

    Morning in the Middle East

    No matter how desperately the remnants of the old regimes may try, the arab awakening cannot be reversed. Here’s why.
  • vandersloot-fe04-dickey

    Van der Sloot's New Conquest

    The Dutch sociopath accused of murder sits in a dirty Peruvian prison awaiting trial. Has he just charmed another victim?
  • russia-superpower-co02-ferguson

    The Russian Farce

    Russia—who cares? With its rampant voter fraud and declining population, the country is careening toward irrelevance.
  • egypt-OVCO01-dickey

    A Cautionary Fable

    It’s a shame George Orwell didn’t live to see the Arab Spring. We can only imagine the tale he would have written.
  • merkel-OV01

    Mysterious Merkel

    The future of Europe is in the hands of one painfully private leader. What does the chancellor really think?
  • haqqani-OV01-main-art

    Back-Channel Blues

    In an analysis of Pakistan’s ‘Memogate,’ Mansoor Ijaz, a key player in the controversy, offers his interpretation of the actions of Islamabad’s erstwhile ambassador in Washington—actions that led to an uproar in Pakistan and the envoy’s ouster.
  • Angelina Jolie

    Angie Goes to War

    A war she didn't fully understand has inspired Angelina Jolie to get behind the camera for a love story set in Bosnia.
  • iraq-OVCO02

    The Next Iraq War

    With U.S. troops set to leave Baghdad, Sunnis and Shiites race toward a bloody showdown.
  • aung-san-suu-kyi-burma-OVCO03

    Burmese Spring

    Burma has repressed its people for decades. Now it’s ready to play nice with America.
  • phone-hacking-lord-leveson-OVNB02

    A Sober Man and True

    The British press might do well to emulate Lord Justice Brian Leveson, the judge presiding over the ethics hearings following the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.
  • women-boxers-nicola-adams-OV11-tease

    Sting Like A Butterfly

    Female pugilists have battled for equal status in their sport. Now they’re primed to be the next Olympic superstars.
  • need-europe-fe06-schama

    Why You Should Care About Europe

    As the economic crisis rages, leading British historian Simon Schama makes an impassioned plea: America's fate remains deeply intertwined with the continent.
  • syria-OV01-main-art

    Inside the City of Fear

    James Harkin is one of the few non-Syrian journalists to get into Homs. A report from the inside the strife-torn country.
  • viktor-ivanov-tease

    Interview: Viktor Ivanov

    Russia’s top antinarcotics official, a former KGB officer and ally of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, speaks about why his country must help its southern neighbors fight drugs.
  • spain-mariano-rajoy-OVNB02

    Mariano Rajoy

    Spain’s prime minister–elect is a professed Catholic with a notably Protestant ethos.
  • alex-wek-hunger-nb40

    Alek Wek's Hunger Diary

    Africa is famished. America is fat. Sudanese-born model Alek Wek, now living in Brooklyn, knows both worlds. As told to Abigail Pesta.
  • nuclear-power-OV02

    Nuclear Power Goes Rogue

    Post-Fukushima, the market for nuclear power is changing latitudes. Here’s what’s at stake.