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  • the-city-lusaka-OV50-alexandra-fuller

    The City: Lusaka

    Alexandra Fuller on the ‘restless hum’ of a booming African city.
  • egypt-christians-FE01-main

    The War on Christians

    From one end of the muslim world to the other, Christians are being murdered for their faith.
  • egypt-ngo-purge-OVNB01-main

    Egypt’s NGO Purge

    The current crackdown could spell the end of U.S. military assistance to Cairo.
  • world-nb20-fidel-castro

    The World On A Page

    Shrinking Britain, genocidal generals, a socialist Bard—and Putin’s favorite books.
  • world-economy-co03-ferguson

    The Inequality Dodge

    The world’s bottom billion is booming. But growth abroad may increase the income gap at home?
  • editors-note-ed0106-tease

    China Has Our Jobs. But Not Our Navy Seals!

    In the middle of self-serving and greedy electioneering, there was such nobility to the U.S. Navy SEALs rescue of a 32-year-old former fourth-grade teacher from the clutches of brutal Somali pirates (one of whom was named Osman Alcohol). It was like hearing from afar the lost chords of “America the Beautiful.” SEAL Team 6 has become a more vivid symbol of the power of the great American idea than positive GDP statistics. Maybe the Chinese are more willing to bully their workforce out of bed in their spartan corporate dorms to crank out iPhone screens through the weary dawn, but can you ever imagine their leader giving an order for a fleet of military helicopters to set off in the dead of night to a heavily armed African hellhole and snatch back an endangered young do-gooder?
  • rushdie-india-book-festival-OVNB01-main-art

    Festival of Farce

    In India, Salman Rushdie is absent—and anathema (even on a video link).
  • Euro

    Crisis On The Continent

    As economic contagion continues in Europe, and with the future of the euro imperiled, Newsweek asked eight economists to describe the origin of the problem facing the single currency and what would happen if the euro were abolished.
  • yingluck-shinawatra-nb20

    The World on a Page

    Irate Turks, dueling oligarchs, a royal yacht … and dear old Mrs. Strauss-Kahn.
  • the-city-colombo-shehan-karunatilaka-OV50-tease

    Colombo on the Cusp

    Shehan Karunatilaka on a capital that straddles the beautiful and the banal.
  • bomb-nigeria-co03-wole

    The Butchers of Nigeria

    How a corrupt nation bred Boko Haram, the Islamic sect terrorizing the country’s Christians.