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  • history-of-the-uso-FE10-tease

    A Legacy of Hope

    In its 70 years of operation, the USO has continued to adapt, with centers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Qatar.

    Fighting For Survival

    Africa’s first woman President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has virtual rock-star status around the world. So why is her run for reelection in such doubt at home?
  • rossi-OV11-margolis

    Bigger than Coelho?

    Brazil’s star preacher is the country’s new best-selling author of fuzzy, feel-good spirituality.
  • syria-diplomat-barry-OVCO04

    Damascene Diplomat

    America’s man in Syria has been quietly demonstrating how to use diplomatic force against regimes.
  • egyptian-women-slah

    The Women’s Revolution

    Protests in Tahrir Square were meant to bring freedom. Ursula Lindsay on the Arab Spring’s unmet promise.

    Women World Leaders

    From Thailand to Cameroon, women are taking charge. A look at the next generation of emerging women leaders.
  • public-whipping-fe03-morrison

    Dignity and Depravity

    You shouted. You fell. But you kept rising. A letter to a defiant Sudanese woman. By Toni Morrison.
  • bfs-israel-OVNB03

    The Economics of Occupation

    Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories is the single largest expenditure in the nation’s history.
  • first-report-israel-ephron-OVNB02

    State of Alarm

    How Israel reacts to Abbas’s bid for U.N. recognition will shape the future of the Middle East.
  • best-women-intro

    Don’t Mess With Dilma

    A woman is president in booming, macho Brazil. And Dilma Rousseff’s calling the shots. By Mac Margolis.
  • women-winning-interactive-map-tease

    Where Women Are Winning

    An interactive map of where women are leaving their mark—and where they're not. By Jesse Ellison.
  • It's a Woman's World

    To celebrate the launch of Newsweek/The Daily Beast’s Women in the World Foundation, we look back at our favorite covers featuring women working, leading, fighting, playing, and excelling in all areas of life. As Hillary Clinton said at the Women in the World summit this March, while we may not know the names of all the women involved in making a difference in our world, “they are the ones making changes on the ground right now. They are the ones who need our help, and we will stand with them.”
  • forced-marriages-goldberg-OV02-lead

    Marry—or Else

    Forced weddings and ‘honor’ killings are no longer just a developing-world issue. By Michelle Goldberg.
  • ghana-witch-camp-slah


    Accusations of sorcery still drive women from their homes in Africa.
  • first-reposrt-co05

    Is Israel Over?

    No longer the liberal, egalitarian society it once was, Israel is fighting the Arabs—and itself.