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  • egypt-OVCO01-dickey

    A Cautionary Fable

    It’s a shame George Orwell didn’t live to see the Arab Spring. We can only imagine the tale he would have written.
  • merkel-OV01

    Mysterious Merkel

    The future of Europe is in the hands of one painfully private leader. What does the chancellor really think?
  • haqqani-OV01-main-art

    Back-Channel Blues

    In an analysis of Pakistan’s ‘Memogate,’ Mansoor Ijaz, a key player in the controversy, offers his interpretation of the actions of Islamabad’s erstwhile ambassador in Washington—actions that led to an uproar in Pakistan and the envoy’s ouster.
  • Angelina Jolie

    Angie Goes to War

    A war she didn't fully understand has inspired Angelina Jolie to get behind the camera for a love story set in Bosnia.
  • iraq-OVCO02

    The Next Iraq War

    With U.S. troops set to leave Baghdad, Sunnis and Shiites race toward a bloody showdown.
  • aung-san-suu-kyi-burma-OVCO03

    Burmese Spring

    Burma has repressed its people for decades. Now it’s ready to play nice with America.
  • phone-hacking-lord-leveson-OVNB02

    A Sober Man and True

    The British press might do well to emulate Lord Justice Brian Leveson, the judge presiding over the ethics hearings following the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.
  • women-boxers-nicola-adams-OV11-tease

    Sting Like A Butterfly

    Female pugilists have battled for equal status in their sport. Now they’re primed to be the next Olympic superstars.
  • need-europe-fe06-schama

    Why You Should Care About Europe

    As the economic crisis rages, leading British historian Simon Schama makes an impassioned plea: America's fate remains deeply intertwined with the continent.
  • syria-OV01-main-art

    Inside the City of Fear

    James Harkin is one of the few non-Syrian journalists to get into Homs. A report from the inside the strife-torn country.
  • viktor-ivanov-tease

    Interview: Viktor Ivanov

    Russia’s top antinarcotics official, a former KGB officer and ally of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, speaks about why his country must help its southern neighbors fight drugs.
  • spain-mariano-rajoy-OVNB02

    Mariano Rajoy

    Spain’s prime minister–elect is a professed Catholic with a notably Protestant ethos.
  • alex-wek-hunger-nb40

    Alek Wek's Hunger Diary

    Africa is famished. America is fat. Sudanese-born model Alek Wek, now living in Brooklyn, knows both worlds. As told to Abigail Pesta.
  • nuclear-power-OV02

    Nuclear Power Goes Rogue

    Post-Fukushima, the market for nuclear power is changing latitudes. Here’s what’s at stake.
  • A soldier tries to separate protesters from riot police in Tahrir Square.

    The Real Revolution Begins

    Getting rid of Mubarak was the easy part. Taking on Egypt’s military leadership will be far more difficult.
  • iran-ahmadinejad-OVCO03

    Iran's Rasputin

    The president’s chief of staff is the man behind the throne—and the Supreme Leader wants him gone.
  • defense-spending-ferguson-co03

    Congress's $492 Billion Bet

    Congress is poised to slash defense spending. Great idea—as long as China remains our buddy and the Middle East embraces brotherly love.
  • egypt-OVCO02

    Middle East: Bloody Democracy

    As chaos flared on the streets of Cairo Saturday, Newsweek looks at Egypt's fears of violence as its first free elections near.
  • taliban-haqqani-OVNB03

    Dueling Manifestos

    A Taliban letter sounds a newly moderate note while the Haqqani faction puts out a how-to book for jihad.
  • gorky-park-OV11

    Holy Middle Class!

    Moscow’s Gorky Park used to be a place to avoid. Now it’s a magnet for the Russian bourgeoisie.