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  • Hatay Turkey

    Turkey’s Sacred Ruins

    A haven for war-torn refugees, the province of Hatay has an Ancient sanctity and an oddly occidental style.
  • Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda bows deeply at the lower house of parliament in Tokyo August 30, 2011.

    The Sun Also Rises

    After two flawed premiers, Japan may have found a leader who can restore the battered nation.
  • morrocco-king-mohammed-vi-OV05

    The Survivor

    In a region beset by conflict and revolution, the enigmatic king of Morocco has managed to retain control.
  • libya-gadhafi-OV01-vanderwall

    Good Riddance Gaddafi

    Many fear turmoil and strife after the dictator’s fall. In fact, there’s reason to believe that Libya will be just fine.
  • libya-gaddafi-madman-OV04-roberts

    Raving Mad Monster

    The modern world has had its deranged panjandrums. But Gaddafi was the finest of them all.
  • euro-merkel-sarkozy-OVCO01

    Euro Vision

    The old continent huffs and puffs in quest of a passably workable monetary union.
  • gaddafi-co01-ferguson

    In Gaddafi’s Wake

    The dictator’s fall is proof that America can still topple a rogue regime.
  • london-riots-OVCO01

    Why Riot Now?

    Malaise among Britain’s urban poor is nothing new. So why did it finally tip into violence?
  • najib-mikati-OVNB02

    Najib Mikati

    Billionaire Najib Mikati chose to dive into Lebanon’s cutthroat political world.
  • dsk-deal-solomon

    How DSK Will Fight Back

    The alleged victim’s finances, relationships, and lies will be the focus of sharp attacks in court.
  • britian-riots-ovco04

    No Root Causes

    The violent disturbances in Britain are criminal, not political.
  • china-paleontology-OV02-main-art

    Land of the Scary Dragon

    Dinosaur finds are popping up all over China, revolutionizing our understanding of the ancient creatures.
  • russian-fascists-slah

    Fascist Russia?

    The Kremlin plays a dangerous game by pandering to far-right hate groups.
  • gordon-brown-co07

    Global New Deal

    Gordon Brown's manifesto to save America—and the world economy.
  • turkey-erdogan-OVCO01

    Erdogan 1, Ataturk 0

    Turkey’s generals resign en masse—and make the country’s strongman even stronger.
  • griswold-somalia-1

    Hawa’s Haven

    At Dr. Abdi’s farm outside Mogadishu, she and her nurses lined up what look like dusty bundles.
  • obamas-secret-surge-dukoupil.jpg

    Obama's Secret Surge

    What has actually changed since the Bush administration? Tony Dokoupil crunches the numbers.