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  • china-paleontology-OV02-main-art

    Land of the Scary Dragon

    Dinosaur finds are popping up all over China, revolutionizing our understanding of the ancient creatures.
  • russian-fascists-slah

    Fascist Russia?

    The Kremlin plays a dangerous game by pandering to far-right hate groups.
  • gordon-brown-co07

    Global New Deal

    Gordon Brown's manifesto to save America—and the world economy.
  • turkey-erdogan-OVCO01

    Erdogan 1, Ataturk 0

    Turkey’s generals resign en masse—and make the country’s strongman even stronger.
  • griswold-somalia-1

    Hawa’s Haven

    At Dr. Abdi’s farm outside Mogadishu, she and her nurses lined up what look like dusty bundles.
  • obamas-secret-surge-dukoupil.jpg

    Obama's Secret Surge

    What has actually changed since the Bush administration? Tony Dokoupil crunches the numbers.
  • citizen-murdoch-fe02a-bernstein

    Citizen Rupert

    The need for a responsible press to dig deep, and then even deeper.
  • Rupert Murdoch

    Rupe’s Hacks Dodge Flak

    Kowtowing to Rupert has been the political norm on three continents, but most excruciatingly in Britain.
  • david-cameron-co01-sullivan-wide.jpg

    David Cameron Loves a Crisis

    The Murdoch scandal proves it: the prime minister is brilliant under fire—and otherwise a bit of a muddler.
  • dsk-maid-nafissatou-diallo-FE01-wide

    The Maid’s Tale

    In an exclusive interview with Christopher Dickey and John Solomon, Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s accuser tells of the alleged rape.
  • little-india-jackson-heights-new-york-slah-489

    India Conquers the World

    After a long eclipse, an ancient country finally returns as a force in global business and culture.
  • dark-lord-fe02e-kurtz

    The Empire Strikes Back

    The 80-year old mogul couldn't resist a shot at rivals with "dirty hands" for trying to build the "hysteria" of the phone-hacking scandal.
  • big-fat-story-nb03-intro.jpg

    Egypt Boils Over

    A NEWSWEEK/DAILY BEAST poll of Egyptian voters portends trouble for the West with this fall's elections approaching in Egypt.
  • bigred-fe0206c-Irving

    Big Red Passes the Buck

    Rebekah Brooks's testimony before Parliament describes a newsroom chain of command that other editors would not recognize.
  • pakistan-book-OVNB02-wide

    A History of Distrust

    U.S. relations with Pakistan are at a low point. A new book provides some context.
  • italy-moguls-fe02-Nadeau

    Italy’s Luxury Bailout

    With its economy in tatters, Italy was unable to preserve its cultural heritage—until the moguls arrived.
  • west-papua-rebels-slah

    No Man’s Island

    It’s remote, sparsely populated and rich in natural resources. Welcome to West Papua’s war with Indonesia.
  • shangri-la-OV11-wide

    China's New Shangri-La

    The City of Dali is a traveler’s Dream: a taste of old China in an idyllic setting. But is it destined to be ruined by tourism?