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  • fukushima-japan-exclusion-zone-area-tease

    Life After Zero Hour

    In the wake of Japan’s nuclear meltdown, Newsweek traveled to the country’s most radioactive village.
  • italy-knox-ovco01

    Che Casino!

    Amid institutional failure and economic stagnation, a once-proud Italy finds itself almost prostrate.
  • somalia-kenya-famine-photos-slah

    The Waste Land

    Thousands have died, and many thousands more may perish, as famine and drought devastate Africa’s horn.
  • tymoshenko-ukraine-ovco02-Khrushcheva

    Shades of Stalin

    The trial of former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko evokes the dark days of the Soviet Union, writes Khrushchev’s great-granddaughter.
  • amos-oz-ephron-ov10

    Oz the Wizard

    A consummate Sabra’s latest work explores small-town life—with a distinctly Israeli backdrop.
  • anita hill sexual harassment trial

    Surviving Clarence

    Twenty years after the Clarence Thomas hearings, Anita Hill isn't giving an inch.
  • jon-stewart-uso-FE06-tease

    Jon Stewart, Live at the USO

    How America's most scathing liberal war critic ended up at the bedside of wounded warriors—and as outraged as ever.
  • chile-OVNB02-margolis

    Hard-Left Heartthrob

    Chile’s youthful revolutionary leader is rattling a nation—and a continent—as she champions education reform.
  • steve-inskeep-nb20

    Interview: Steve Inskeep

    The NPR 'Morning Edition' host talks about Pakistan and why some people might find him annoying.
  • al-awlaki-nb70

    Al Qaeda's Not Dead Yet

    The death of Anwar al-Awlaki is a setback. But his terror cell still has its leaders intact.
  • history-of-the-uso-FE10-tease

    A Legacy of Hope

    In its 70 years of operation, the USO has continued to adapt, with centers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Qatar.

    Fighting For Survival

    Africa’s first woman President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has virtual rock-star status around the world. So why is her run for reelection in such doubt at home?
  • rossi-OV11-margolis

    Bigger than Coelho?

    Brazil’s star preacher is the country’s new best-selling author of fuzzy, feel-good spirituality.
  • syria-diplomat-barry-OVCO04

    Damascene Diplomat

    America’s man in Syria has been quietly demonstrating how to use diplomatic force against regimes.
  • egyptian-women-slah

    The Women’s Revolution

    Protests in Tahrir Square were meant to bring freedom. Ursula Lindsay on the Arab Spring’s unmet promise.

    Women World Leaders

    From Thailand to Cameroon, women are taking charge. A look at the next generation of emerging women leaders.