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  • ferguson-china-fe06-wide

    Dr. K's Rx for China

    It is now 40 years since Kissinger went on his secret mission to China. Since then he has visited the country more than 50 times. And if there is one thing he has learned, it is this: the real fool’s errand is to lean on the Chinese.
  • brown-co01-wide

    Take Back the Future

    A former U.K. prime minister argues that, even as we pursue aggressive deficit reduction plans, we must get serious about a global deal for jobs.
  • rushdie-co04-wide

    Should Pakistan be Considered a Terrorist State?

    In the aftermath of the raid on Abbottabad, all the big questions need to be answered by Pakistan. The old flimflam (“Who, us? We knew nothing!”) just isn’t going to wash, must not be allowed to wash by countries such as the United States.
  • bin-laden-raiding-the-compound-wide

    Raiding Osama's Compound

    1. Two helicopters drop SEAL Team Six in an open area inside the high walls. One crashes and is later blown up. 2. The SEALs spread around the compound, securing the open areas and a small building. 3. Troops then move to the main house. Two of bin Laden’s couriers and one woman are killed. 4. The firefight continues as SEALs move to the second and third floors, where bin Laden’s family lived. On the third floor, they find bin Laden and kill him with shots to the chest and head. Bin Laden’s son Hamza is also killed. 5. The team flies out, taking bin Laden’s body, documents, and computers.
  • reidel-next-fe08-wide

    Osama's Successor

    The New Mexico–born Anwar al-Awlaki, a Colorado State grad, seems best positioned to lead Al Qaeda’s response to the new Arab world order. He will doubtless play a bigger ideological role going forward.
  • carter-co01-wide

    Pride of a Nation

    Obama’s bin Laden strike brought the nation together. How the president should seize the day.
  • wolfowitz_fe11_hmsall

    The Value of Boldness

    One of bin Laden’s followers wrote that the trouble with democracy is that it encourages people to love life too much and fear death, and to become unwilling to perform jihad. What bin Laden and that writer fail to understand is that there are people who do love life but who love freedom more and are willing to risk their lives for it.
  • targets-fe09-wide

    Al Qaeda's Next Targets

    Al Qaeda will surely seek reprisals for the death of Osama bin Laden. While no one can predict where or when with any certainty, here is a list of targets that might draw al Qaeda's fire.
  • obabafe04-hsmall

    Commander in Chief

    The daring bin Laden raid is being billed as the new Obama. The truth is, he's been itching to pull this trigger all along.
  • hunt-osama-fe01-vl

    A Decade on the Lam

    How much longer will Al Qaeda survive? Just look at all it took to hunt down its leader.
  • big-fat-aman-nb04-inline

    Al Qaeda's Up-And-Comers

    With its top man out of the way, who stands to fill his shoes? A look at the history and habits of the terror outfit's future leading men.
  • Musharraf-nb02-hsmall

    Interview: Pervez Musharraf

    The former president of Pakistan calls the U.S. raid that killed Osama bin Laden a violation of his nation’s sovereignty.
  • terror-voices-FE07-weisel-hsmall

    Sorrow and Joy

    Elie Wiesel, Fatima Bhutto, Bernard-Henri Lévy, and Andrew Sullivan reflect on the end of Osama Bin Laden.
  • NB-opner-osama-hsmall

    NewsBeast: May 6, 2011

    1971 Falun, Sweden In his Al Qaeda biography, Osama bin Laden claimed never to have left the Middle East. But here he is, second from right, with 21 other members of the wealthy Saudi clan on a family trip to Sweden, where one of the elder brothers was doing business with Volvo. The image of a young Osama, smiling in blue bell-bottoms and a chartreuse sweater, belies the darker shadow of his adult self, bearded and in military garb, hiding in caves and orchestrating violence around the globe. DNA from one of Osama’s sisters was used to identify the terrorist leader’s body after Sunday’s successful raid.
  • bin-laden-dead-white-house-wide.jpg

    Bin Laden in Newsweek's Archives

    Nearly a decade after the Sept. 11 attacks, U.S. officials say terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden had been targeted and killed by American forces. A look back at Newsweek's coverage of a man who was once the most wanted in the world.
  • Handing Jihadis Cause

    Assad says fundamentalists are behind the unrest. They’re not. But his iron fist could bring them home.