Yo App Got Hacked. So?


This piece will not locate meaning in Yo, the single-purpose messaging app that’s held the Internet’s fascination since raising $1 million in angel investment earlier this week. That is contrary to the essence of Yo. Yo simply is. It’s the world’s first truly existential app.

Actually, no. That resembles meaning. Yo—which lets you message “Yo” to a friend, who might then respond with “Yo”—has none of that.

What it does have are hackers. The app was reportedly set up in just eight hours by Israeli engineer Or Arbel, and now it’s been the target of a somewhat successful hacking attempt by “a few guys,” Mashable confirmed. According to TechCrunch, a college student hacker managed to get access to users’ numbers and “spoof Yo’s from any users.” Rest assured: Yo is managing the crisis:

Still, it’s unclear to what extent hacking Yo interferes with the daily business of Yo. Or maybe it was an inside job. The Internet media are talking about Yo 48 hours longer than they probably should be, arent they?

Yo got hacked. Or did it disrupt itself? Has it been #nextified? YOLO. (That’s my app. You message “YO” and the other person replies “LO.” Funding, please?)