10-Foot Python Wakes Woman up by Going on '5 a.m. Rampage' Through House

After hearing clattering sounds in the middle of the night, a woman woke up to find a 10-foot scrub python wreaking havoc in her living room.

Jodie Davey has dubbed the snake her "true Far North Queensland alarm clock," after it left a trail of destruction in her Edmonton home.

The sound of a vase breaking woke Davey up at 5 a.m. on Tuesday morning, but nothing could have prepared her for the scene that greeted her when she got out of bed.

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She stepped into her living room to find a 10-foot snake draped over her television and trailing over her living room table and floor.

Fragments of the vase were scattered across the room, and a photo frame and a soap dispenser had also been knocked over by the reptile.

"Nothing like a true Far North Queensland alarm clock when a python goes on a 5am rampage through your living room breaking vases and soap dishes," Davey wrote in a post on Facebook.

"It left a trail of destruction. Smashed vase, soap dispenser down, photo frame down. It must have done a lap of the house. It was the vase that woke us up."

The fact that the soap dispenser, which had been in the bathroom, had been knocked down leads Davey to believe that the snake "did some laps" of the house.

While scrub pythons can grow to extreme lengths, they're non-venomous and generally not considered a threat to people.

However, in 2014 an Australian woman was attacked by a 12-foot scrub python as she slept in her bed at night.

She managed to pull the snake off with her bare hands, though it returned to her home less than a year later and attacked her dog, leaving the 55-pound Catahoula unconscious.

Fortunately, Davey's dogs escaped unharmed.

"He's been living around our property for about three years now," Davey said of the snake, via The Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

"He sheds his skin on the lawn, occasionally, and up on the roof.

"We just sort of let him go. He does his thing but this is the first time he's decided to make his way inside and check out the renovations."

Davey believes it made its way into the house via a laundry room window, which she and her husband Steve left open after redecorating it.

She also posted pictures of Steve removing the snake from the house, which he did with the aid of a fishing rod, and releasing it outside.

The scrub python is one of the largest snake species in the world, capable of exceeding 65 pounds and 23 feet in length, according to Australia's Wet Tropics Management Authority.

A close-up of a scrub python
A stock image shows a scrub python, not related to the animal that was involved in the incident. Scrub pythons are amongst the largest snake species in the world, and can exceed 23 feet in length. LagunaticPhoto/iStock

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