The 10 Most Watched TV Shows on Netflix in April 2021

April 2021 is over, meaning we now have a whole month of Netflix's daily top 10 most watched charts available to show us what people were watching this month.

Big shows released in April like Shadow and Bone and The Circle made it to the list, but other shows have shown major staying power on "most watched" charts since the early months of 2021.

Read on to discover what Netflix users around the world have been watching this month.

The 10 most watched TV shows on Netflix in April 2021

the blacklist season 8
James Spader in "The Blacklist." NBC

10.The Blacklist

Season 7 of the NBC crime drama starring James Spader came to Netflix in March, and viewers around the world have been binging the former adventures of Red (including the controversial animated episode) while they wait for the current season of the show to return to screens in May.

9. Tale of the Nine Tailed

K-dramas are some of Netflix's most popular shows, and Tale of the Nine Tailed is the latest one to get global crossover success. The show is a fantasy romance that brings the mythological story of a mystical nine-tailed fox into the modern urban world.

8. The Circle

Netflix's latest foray into reality TV is Season 2 of The Circle, the catfishing reality show where nothing is as it seems. Contestants are pretending to be people they are not, and the show is pretending it was shot in America when really it was shot in England.

7. Shadow and Bone

darkling shadow and bone
Ben Barnes as the Darkling in "Shadow and Bone." Netflix

The streamer is still looking for its own Game of Thrones, and may have found it with Shadow and Bone, its adaptation of a series of fantasy books. Though it has only been out for about a week, enough fans have been drawn to its tale of a magical savior and her battle against the darkness to push it among the most watched shows of April.

6. Vincenzo

Another K-drama, Vincenzo is in its second month on the charts. Its crossover success may be down to the fact that it itself is a crossover, which sees a Korean man join the Italian mafia.

5. The Irregulars

the irregulars netflix sherlock holmes
"The Irregulars" on Netflix is a new take on the "Sherlock Holmes" characters. Netflix

Released at the end of March, The Irregulars is another one of Netflix's big supernatural fantasy dramas. If that is not enough for TV viewers, it is also a new version of Sherlock Holmes that imagines the sleuth as a washed-up junkie who takes credit for the work of a band of young detectives—one of whom, of course, is a real-life hemophiliac prince.

4. Ginny and Georgia

Released back in February, Ginny and Georgia is going from strength to strength among viewers—despite Taylor Swift's attempts to turn her millions of fans against the show.

3. New Amsterdam

Another NBC drama that reached a worldwide audience via Netflix, New Amsterdam is in its second month on the charts, and is coming for Grey's Anatomy's spot as the world's favorite medical drama. No wonder that NBC recently renewed it for two additional seasons.

2. The Serpent

the serpent true story
Jenna Coleman (L) and Tahar Rahim in "The Serpent." BBC

Debuting on the BBC in the U.K. at the start of the year, this true crime drama was released on Netflix in April. The show proved just as popular around the world as it was in Britain—no surprise, as the jet-setting trail of mayhem and murder shown was truly a global crime spree.

1. Who Killed Sara?

"Who killed Sara?" is a question that millions have been asking themselves this month, as viewers devour the Spanish mystery/revenge drama. The show has been such a hit in fact, that Season 2 is being rushed to the streamer—viewers will be able to watch it as part of Netflix's May release schedule.

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