10 Photos of Donald Trump Making Funny Faces (and Our Attempts to Describe Them)

President Donald Trump here could be said to look like a middle-schooler landing a sick burn, during a town hall campaign event in Hickory, North Carolina March 14, 2016. Chris Keane/Reuters

There are many words to describe President Donald Trump. Do you have a couple favorites? Why don't I take a quick walk and let you just get those out of your system. Be back in jiff.


[Walks to vending machine.]

[Gets two bags of chips and a Diet Coke.]

[Sighs deeply.]


Ok, we're back.

Well, here's another word for Trump, and it has more than four letters: demonstrative.

The president is, as the youths who hang around my local skate park say, "extra," meaning, basically, over the top. If you watch Trump, it's as if the feelings in his gut are inextricably paired with the expressions on his face. When Trump is enraged, there is no quiet seething—his face displays it in full. Whereas other world leaders might stifle their sarcastic feelings about what is going on around them (President Obama was so good at this that a team of comedy geniuses even came up with the idea of him having an anger translator), Trump's eyeballs tend to roll dramatically upward into his skull. The president's poker face tells everyone: "OK, right now I am playing poker and I do not know if I have good or bad cards; here they come, oh boy, oh boy, I've got a flush, let's play it cool, wow, wow."

In other words, Trump makes some funny faces.

Here are 10 of our favorites, accompanied by our best attempts at a basically impossible task: bringing to life exactly what's going on in the photo with a text description:


Toby! Dominick Reuter/Reuters

This face is reminiscent of middle school. As in: when a youngster first discovers the humor of public flatulence. And that youngster sprints down the school's hallway, briefly holding said flatulence at bay. "Toby," the boy screams, "Toby!" (That's the name of this kid's best friend.) Toby is at the end of the hall and his best friend practically careens into his friend's chest. "Toby, pull my finger," he says, out of breath.


Spiders. Carlo Allegri/Reuters

This is the face, and hand motion, one would use to describe a particularly harrowing run-in with spiders.


This is sour... but I can't let on. Carlos Barria/Reuters

In this photo, the president is making a face like he's sucking on a slice of lemon but doesn't want you to know he's sucking on a slice of lemon, and so he's puckered his lips tight and is contorting his mouth all akimbo. But the eyes—it's all in the eyes—the eyes give away that the commander-in-chief is, in fact, sucking on a slice of lemon. (Or, just possibly, he's imitating McKayla Maroney.)


No flex zone. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

This face says: "It's tiring to flex, but the people want me to flex, so it's time to flex."


In or out, who knows? Carlos Barria/Reuters

In this photo, the president is displaying the face of a person who is unsure if he is currently sucking in air or blowing it out, but will continue gently karate chopping a Diet Coke nonetheless.


dsaf (1)
Somebody get ahold of the tie. Mike Segar/Reuters



I scream. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

This is the face of a man who is upset with the long line for free ice cream. Todd, the nice Secret Service man, said there was free ice cream. Everyone needs to move, this face says. Is the ice cream in tiny cones? Little cups? Miniature baseball helmets? Oh my God, I hope it's miniature baseball helmets.


Free hugs. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

This is the face one makes when one is hugging an American flag before delivering a speech to one's supporters.


Oh boy, does anyone know the Heimlich? Jonathan Ernst /Reuters

This face screams, "Who did not split my M&Ms? Who did it? Or, rather, who didn't do it? No time for semantics, I'm choking. Does anyone know the Heimlich? Please, help. I need my M&Ms split in two, otherwise I choke in my excitement to eat them." (Either that or it's a face you make when making fun of former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.)


Is that ten traditional wings with Wild Sauce? Oh, man, looks like it. Here we go. Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

This is the face you make when the food arrives at the table after many false starts, waiters walking by with meals that don't belong to you. Finally, it's time for the hot wings.

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