10 Possible Name Changes if Cleveland Baseball Drops 'Indians'

The Cleveland Indians of Major League Baseball have played under that mascot name for 105 years. However, with sweeping changes in the country's so-called "cancel culture," and with the Washington Redskins examining a change in their own brand, the Indians baseball club said it's looking in its own mirror as well.

That means Chief Wahoo could potentially be cut from the organizational roster if things continue moving forward.

The Indians released a statement Friday night that said it would look at its own name and come up with the "best path forward." That doesn't mean any sweeping changes would happen immediately, the club said, but just the fact they are looking as an organization.


— Cleveland Indians (@Indians) July 4, 2020

"Our organization fully recognizes our team name is among the most visible ways in which we connect with the community," a team representative wrote.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has published a poll with seven names and another slot called "Other" with a blank box to fill with a suggestion.

For all intents and purposes, we added three of our own to the list of seven, bringing the total to 10. Here they are (in alphabetical order). If you want a say, visit the Cleveland newspaper's poll. To see the order of the results, you must vote.

Cleveland Blues
Cleveland Buckeyes
Cleveland Defenders
Cleveland Guardians
Cleveland Lakers
Cleveland Lindors
Cleveland Rockers
Cleveland Spiders
Cleveland Wild Things

For the record, here are the three added by Newsweek:

Blues: This was the name of Cleveland's National League team name before becoming the Cleveland Spiders, which leads the poll as of Saturday night.

Lakers: Not to try and steal a basketball name, but the city of Cleveland actually sits along Lake Erie.

Wild Things: This is a grab from the movie Major League and the character Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn, played by Charlie Sheen. It's got to be better than the Fighting Dorns, Wild Lous or Cleveland Cerranos, but don't tell Joboo.

Cleveland Indians Mascot
The Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo logo on their uniform before the game against the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on April 21, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Here are the 8 p.m. results from the Plain Dealer's poll on July 4, 2020:

35.2% Spiders
28.3% Other
16.7% Rockers
7.66% Guardians
6.62% Buckeyes
3.06% Clevelanders
1.33% Defenders
1.19% Lindors

The Spiders were the team at the turn of the century. Rockers makes sense as Cleveland is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Guardians is a popular name in the city. Buckeyes is a popular name in the state with Ohio State University.

The Washington Redskins have avoided changing their moniker for more than 50 years, but recent pressure from major sponsors, including field sponsor FedEx and apparel giant Nike, the team has vowed to look into possibly changing its name.

In baseball, the Atlanta Braves have also faced pressure over a few decades to change its name.

Florida State University, home of the Seminoles, has looked at plans to change the name of its football stadium named after Doak Campbell, a former president who had publicly-known, anti-Black opinions.

And back to Cleveland. Picking a name shouldn't be that big of a deal, as names are probably easier to come by than professional sports championships. The Indians last won a World Series in 1948 (the only other was 1920). The Cleveland Browns have never won a Super Bowl, and their last NFL title was in 1964. The Cavaliers won their only NBA title in 2016.