10-Year-Old Girl Helps Put Rapist Attacker Behind Bars by Drawing Crayon Picture

A 10-year-old girl has helped put the man who raped her behind bars after she drew a picture of herself at the scene.

The accused was the girl's uncle, and, as a result of her drawing, he will now spend five years in jail. Akhter Ahmed raped the girl—then aged 8—after she moved to her aunt's house in Delhi. She fled and now lives in a children's home.

Ahmed was arrested last year, and his lawyer argued that no conviction could be made because the girl had been primed to say she was raped.

However, the judge changed his mind after reviewing images drawn by the child during the hearing. Without prompting, the girl drew an empty house, and a picture of naked girl. The girl held red balloons and her dress lay on the floor next to her. Rather than using bright colors, she used dark, or gray colors.

The child was originally described as not a "competent witness," but the judge changed his mind. He summarized that the events clearly left an impression upon her mind, The Times of India reported.

The girl was made to work by her aunt, and suffered from ill-treatment and sexual abuse while living in Delhi. A medical examination indicated the girl had suffered from sexual assault. Counseling took place with members of the HAQ Centre for Child Rights.

Her uncle originally claimed he was innocent, but the judge has now given him five years' jail time, and a fine of 10,000 rupees ($156) because the sexual abuse was not penetrative.

"She is doing very well in her studies and hopefully the compensation will help to build a bright future for her," the girl's lawyer Chandra Suman Kumar told The Times of India.