'The 100' Recap: What Happened on the Last Season of the CW Show?

The CW will air The 100 Season 7 from Wednesday, May 20, at 8 p.m. ET, with the show coming to Netflix across the world six days later. These final episodes come to TV a few months after Season 6, a season full of twists and turns for the characters.

Read on for everything you need to remember from Season 6 going into the final episodes.

What happened in The 100 Season 6?

Season 6 of The CW show followed straight on from the end of Season 5, which saw the crew finally landing on Planet Alpha. The planet is thought to be hospitable to humans, but the team is unable to scan it due a mysterious anomaly so they have to land.

After the crew has to run away from killer bugs, they find a radiation shield and eventually Sanctum, Alpha's human colony. Here, they encounter one of the planet's other big problems: It suffers from binary sun eclipses that drive everyone into a murderous rage. The crew start fighting until Clarke knocks them out. However, all the commotion brings Sanctum's human residents out of their bunker. The colonizers are led by a group known as the Primes who the others worship like gods.

the 100 season 6 recap
Clarke spent much of 'The 100' Season 6 inhabited by Josephine The CW

However, there is another human society on Alpha called the Children of Gabriel, an anti-Prime group who take some of the crew hostage, leading Octavia to retrieve them. She does this brutally, resulting in Bellamy to banishing her. Meanwhile, the Children of Gabriel break into the Sanctum compound, which leads to Clarke bleeding and the Primes learning she has nightblood and is therefore suitable for their evil plan.

The Primes use mind drives to implant their dead family members into those with nightblood, and so Clarke becomes inhabited by Prime Josephine Lightbourne, who then has to spend much of Season 6 pretending to be Clarke in order to find out if the crew has any more nightbloods that the Primes can body-snatch.

We are led to believe that Clarke is gone, and Bellamy starts to deal with her passing, but we then learn that she has a neural mesh that has allowed her to keep her own consciousness hidden from Josephine. Clarke lets Bellamy know she's still in there by tapping "ALIVE" in Morse code on her arm.

Meanwhile, Octavia has been on a mission of her own, which leaves her stuck in quicksand while the anomaly emits a temporal flare that leaves her with a gnarled hand. Getting closer to the anomaly, she sees her future daughter, which leads her to enter the anomaly itself. She comes back out with her hand healed but no memory of what happened.

Madi, who last season was inhabited by the Dark Commander, is on a mission to kill Primes as revenge for what they have done to her adoptive mother Clarke. Josephine, meanwhile, learns that Clarke's mother has developed a way of artificially making someone a nightblood.

Initially, Clarke's mother Abby gives the Primes the formula in order for them to resurrect Kane, who has been succumbing to internal bleeding throughout Season 6. However, when he learns that someone had to die for him to live, he is disgusted with himself and floats himself out of an airlock with the formula.

With the Primes facing uprising, they try to burn all the Earth people at the stake to regain their power before it's suggested they may be able to turn people into nightbloods using bone marrow transplants.

However, they then have to face Clarke. Gabriel takes Josephine's mind drive out, allowing Clarke to regain her body. Clarke nearly dies in a mental battle with Josephine, but Bellamy is there to bring her back. This allows Clarke to infiltrate the Primes by pretending to still be Josephine.

Eventually, there is all out pandemonium, as the Primes gas their followers with an essence that causes them to attack anyone they see as a heretic while the Primes themselves find themselves on the crew's original ship. Clarke throws the Prime leaders out of the airlock (including the one who had taken over her own mother's body).

The Sanctum is saved, but The 100 Season 6 still has a cliffhanger up its sleeve. In the battle with the Sanctum, it is revealed that Octavia has a set of mysterious markings since she went into the anomaly. They head to the anomaly stone, which expands the anomaly and brings her future daughter to the planet. This daughter, Hope, then stabs her mother, who disappears in a puff of smoke.

This is not the only cliffhanger Season 6 leaves The 100 fans with. The Dark Commander inside Madi manages to upload himself into the ship's mainframe, while a number of the crew have taken a sort of brainwashing potion given to them by the Primes. What this means for them, however, fans will have to watch Season 7 to find out.

The 100 Season 6 is streaming now on Netflix.