11 of the Best Bidets That Reviewers Love

You may think of a bidet as an extravagance found only in the most lavish homes, but they're eco-friendly because they use one-eighth of a gallon of water versus the 37 gallons needed to make a roll of toilet paper.

Don't miss these top-rated bidet's to bring this green-friendly technology into your home. Keep in mind the prices listed may fluctuate over time as products go on sale.

Luxe Bidet Toilet Attachment

LUXE Bidet Neo 185 (Elite) Non-Electric Bidet
The Luxe Bidet Toilet Attachment comes with everything needed for a DIY installation. Amazon

Guests will never know how easily you installed this affordable Luxe Bidet Toilet Attachment. Luxe provides all of the needed parts and instructions for quick do-it-yourself installation of this dual-nozzled bidet. Reviewers love the forward-facing second nozzle designed for feminine use. The hygienic nozzle guard gate protects each user's health and the sleek design enhances your bathroom decor.

"I was a bit skeptical at first, about the quality and how well it would actually work, but I was not disappointed," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "It was easy to install, and it works extremely well."

Buy at Amazon for $40.99.

Brondell Bidet Dual Nozzle SimpleSpa

Brondell Bidet
The Brondell Bidet Dual Nozzle SimpleSpa is available with single or dual nozzles. Amazon

This Brondell Bidet Dual Nozzle SimpleSpa is a nonelectric toilet attachment that provides clean, refreshing sprays at the pressure you set. Plus, it has dual retractable nozzles with a nozzle guard to keep it sanitary. It's simple to install and leaves no toilet seat gap. A single nozzle option is also available.

"I'd give this 10 stars if it was possible," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "After you use this once you will be blown away at the cleanliness and feel of brand-new. I recommend this for everyone who uses a toilet."

Buy at Amazon at $49.99.

Samodra Cold Water Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Samodra Bidet
You control the water pressure on the Samodra Cold Water Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment. Amazon

This easy-to-install nonelectric Samodra Cold Water Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment has many of the features of its higher-priced counterparts. The ultrathin design is 50 percent thinner than that of many of its competitors. You'll enjoy its numerous features, including a button spray controller, water-pressure knob for spray intensity and a nozzle guard gate for hygiene. Plus, you can install it easily thanks to its detailed instructions.

"The materials are high-quality, down to the heavy-duty T-valve and steel-wrapped water hose," said one Amazon reviewer. "Attaching it to the toilet seat was very easy, and what's important here is that the attachment is thin (yet secure) so it doesn't deform your toilet seat the way some other units do."

Buy at Amazon at $39.99.

Clear Rear – The Buttler Bidet Toilet Attachment

Clear Rear Bidet
The Buttler Bidet Toilet Attachment is easy to use and install. Amazon

The dual-nozzle design of the Clear Rear – The Buttler Bidet Toilet Attachment has pressure-sensitive nozzles for gentle, effective washes. Plus the nozzles self-clean and retract into protective housing. The bidet comes with everything needed to simply attach it yourself.

"The product itself is pure simplicity," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "The self-cleaning function is nice and the knobs are in a good location to be reached easily and after a few uses you don't even think/look, you just give it a quick couple blasts and you are clean and good to go."

Buy at Amazon at $49.99.

GenieBidet Seat

Genie Bidet
The GenieBidet Seat is built to last. Amazon

Ellegantz Quality Products' GenieBidet Seat is self-cleaning, features dual nozzles and fits most elongated toilet models (except French curve models). You touch a button, the nozzle extends under the seat, and the bidet releases a refreshing ambient temperature water cleansing.

"The quality is very good for the price. It still feels sturdy, and I have not had a single issue with it during my year of ownership," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "I believe the synthetic water hose and plastic T-connector have proven themselves, and now wonder if the 'metal braided hose and metal T-connector' offered by other brands are actually of any benefit to the buyer, or are simply marketing hype."

Buy at Amazon for $97.89.

Lotus Smart Bidet Electronic Heated Toilet Seat

Lotus Smart Bidet
The Lotus Smart Bidet Electronic Heated Toilet Seat features a temperature controlled wash and more. Amazon

The Lotus Smart Bidet Electronic Heated Toilet Seat offers extra features you can't find elsewhere: a warm water wash, a feminine wash, a turbo wash and a child wash. Plus, you'll enjoy the heated seat and the air dryer with temperature control. The bidet includes a stainless steel protective case for the self-cleaning nozzle.

"This one has the best stream out of the three bidets I own," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "Nozzle position is adjustable and responsive. Water temp is good and heats up fast."

Buy at Amazon $239.99

BioBidet SlimEdge Bidet Toilet Attachment

Bio Bidet Slimline
BioBidet SlimEdge Bidet Toilet Attachment not only works great but looks great, plus it's 50 percent thinner than some competitors' products. Amazon

Just affix the nonelectric BioBidet SlimEdge Bidet Toilet Attachment to your toilet and you're ready to use its dual nozzles and sprayer. Plus, its sleek, sturdy design looks great in your bathroom.

"Super simple design but packs a powerful punch!," wrote one Amazon reviewer.
"The install was easy. Worth every penny and provides what toilet paper alone cannot.
Definitely recommend."

Buy at Amazon $59.

Veken Ultra-Slim Bidet

Viken Ultra-Slim Bidet
The Velken Ultra-Slim Bidet is ideal for those with mobility issues. Amazon

The Veken Ultra-Slim Bidet has a chrome-plated control dial for the water pressure and a spray that is especially convenient for those with mobility restrictions. This Veken is thin (only one-quarter-inch thick), has dual nozzles and is durable. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions so you don't need any help with installation. It's available in gold and white or silver and white.

"Bottom line is that if I had known this thing was as efficient and as easy to install, and as thoroughly cleaning as it is I would have installed [it] long ago regardless of the TP shortage," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "I won't say it's life-changing as some have written, but it's is definitely a positive experience and well worth the cost."

Buy at Amazon $31.99.

Greenco's Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Greenco Toilet Attachment
Greenco's Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment is easy to install, with no special tools needed. Amazon

Greenco's Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment is a durable, high-quality toilet seat attachment. It's nonelectric with an easy-access control dial for pressure and nozzle adjustment. It's made from high-quality plastic, so you needn't worry about rust.

"I could not be any happier with this bidet, and I completely recommend this to anyone that would like to dump the 'flushable' wipes and still get a clean, fresh experience," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "As one of the other reviews said, if you wouldn't just use a paper towel to clean a nasty mess off your floor, why would you do it on your body? This easy-to-install bidet provides a much cleaner experience than I've ever had in my life."

Buy at Amazon for $24.99.

Astor Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray
The Astor Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment just needs water to deliver a fresh experience. Amazon

If you have a screwdriver, you can install the Astor Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment. You simply attach this high-quality sprayer to your current toilet seat to turn it into a bidet. It includes a control dial so you can adjust the water pressure. It does not need batteries or electricity to operate.

"Get this bidet. The hookup process is really easy," wrote one reviewer. "As in, my wife and I had it from in the box to testing out the bidet in about 15 minutes. Most of those minutes were spent trying to find a screwdriver. Using it is reeeaaaally easy. You turn a dial. The more you turn it, the harder the water pressure."

Buy at Amazon for $22.95.

‎Easyhomei's Handheld Bidet Sprayer

Handheld Bidet Sprayer
‎Easyhomei's Handheld Bidet Sprayer is designed for an array of uses. Amazon

‎Easyhomei's Handheld Bidet Sprayer works for personal hygiene and many other tasks, including cleaning cloth diapers, pet showers and even a flower sprayer. You hook the bidet sprayer to your toilet tank or mount it on the wall. It is built with a stainless steel bidet nozzle, hose and brass valve for durability.

"I love it. I have a full bidet in my personal bathroom and purchased this one for the spare," wrote one Amazon user. "It not only cleans my bum but also makes cleaning the toilet much easier."

Buy at Amazon for $24.93.

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