11 Reasons to Sign up for Amazon Prime Student

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If you are currently a college student, you are eligible to sign up for Amazon Prime Student—a half-price Amazon Prime membership with lots of meaningful benefits for college kids. AMAZON PRESS

Ask any functioning adult with Amazon Prime, and they will likely sing its praises. Not only is it worth the money, but it makes life so much easier. After all, items can arrive at your door in as little as 48 hours, and you just can't beat the convenience factor! But for anyone putting themselves through school or taking out loans in the name of higher education, there may be a little less wiggle-room in the budget to put toward such conveniences.

Enter Amazon Prime Student, which offers a discounted rate and plenty of sweet deals that benefit students.

What Is Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student is the college student's version of the Amazon Prime membership. It, too, is a membership program, but it costs half the price and is specifically designed for students pursuing higher education.

A standard Amazon Prime membership costs $12.99 per month. However, Amazon slashes the price in half for students, so they pay only $6.49 per month and reap all the benefits of standard Amazon Prime, including free two-day shipping when eligible.

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Some of the perks of Amazon Prime Student include discounted memberships to other features like Prime Music and Prime Photos. AMAZON PRESS

11 Reasons to Sign Up for Amazon Prime Student

If you're a college student who's interested in joining Amazon Prime, check out everything you need to know about the benefits of Amazon Prime Student.

1. New members enjoy a free six-month trial.

For new Amazon Prime Student members only, you can take advantage of a pretty sweet deal—a free six-month trial! Courtesy of Sprint, you can cancel this deal at any time, but once the six months are up, Amazon Prime Student only costs $6.49 per month. That's nearly half off the standard price that regular members pay—$12.99 per month.

2. Try the Calm app free for three months.

Amazon Prime Student members can cash in on a great offer that may benefit their mental health, too. Get the first three months of the Calm app free! Then every month after, Amazon Prime Student members only pay $8.99 per year as opposed to regular members who pay $69.99 per year.

3. Free food delivery with Grubhub is included.

Grubhub Plus Student has partnered with Amazon Prime Student for a game-changing collaboration—free food delivery! All you have to do is sign up with Amazon Prime Student, activate the Grubhub Plus Student offer, then enjoy the free membership to Grubhub Plus (which is usually $9.99 per month).

Members also get unlimited free delivery and earn 10 percent Grubhub Plus cash on all off-campus pick-up orders. Grubhub Plus Student will also make a matching donation to a worthy cause, the same price as the order.

4. Get one month free of 24/7 homework help with Course Hero.

Course Hero is an online resource for homework help, and Amazon Prime Student members get a free month of it! Members get help with textbook work, practice problems and even gain access to online tutors. After the first month of the free trial, Course Hero will discount the monthly fee from $39.95 to $9.99 per month.

5. Score up to 10 percent off flights and hotels.

Going somewhere? Whether you have to go to school far away from home and have to fly back for the holidays or you're simply planning a #SpringBreak trip, Amazon Prime Student members can get up to 10 percent off flights and hotel bookings with Student Universe. Members score up to 10 percent off already discounted flights, get 10 percent back on hotels in the form of an Amazon gift card and be treated to free premium customer support with each booking.

6. Snag exclusive deals at Amazon Warehouse.

Amazon Warehouse is the online retailer's digital warehouse of quality pre-owned items, used or unboxed. Amazon Prime Student is currently offering $5 off the first Amazon Warehouse purchase with the code 5OFFAW, but you can also find great discounts on Amazon Warehouse even without a coupon.

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Amazon Prime Students can also score discounts with Grubhub, the Calm app and more. AMAZON PRESS

7. Stream Amazon Prime Video content for free.

Many of us have Hulu or Netflix, but paying for multiple streaming services when you're working with a student's budget can be pretty tight. Luckily, Amazon Prime Video content is free and unlimited for Amazon Prime Student members. Members also score premium Prime Video channels for as little as 99 cents per month.

8. Access Lightning Deals earlier than the rest.

We all love Amazon.com's Lightning Deals, but as an Amazon Prime Student member, you get even more perks associated with this perk. Members get early-bird access to the deal a whole 30 minutes before the Lightning Deals activate for everyone else!

9. Unlock ad-free access on Prime Music.

Along with the Amazon Prime Student membership, members unlock unlimited, ad-free access to more than two million songs, including hundreds of Prime Playlists and Prime Stations through Prime Music.

10. Access unlimited photo storage on Amazon Photos.

We all know how much storage photos can take up. With Amazon Prime Student, members get free unlimited photo storage via their app Amazon Photos and 5GB for video.

11. Grab free Twitch.tv channel subscriptions.

Through Amazon Prime Student, members also get access to Prime Gaming, free game content, and exclusive emotes on Twitch.tv. Not to mention that during the free trial, members receive one free Twitch channel subscription. On top of that, every 30 days you are a Prime member, you'll receive one more free Twitch channel subscription.

Check out Amazon Prime Student today.

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