11-Year-Old Boy Mugged at Knifepoint by Teen Who Entered School: Police

An 11-year-old boy was robbed at knifepoint by a teenager who allegedly entered a New York City school on Friday, according to police.

The armed teenager reportedly entered Robert A. Wyck Junior High School—which is located in the Briarwood neighborhood of Queens—at about 2:30 p.m. Friday.

Once he was in the school, the teenager made his way into a bathroom where he found the boy, according to police.

He pointed the knife at the boy's chest and demanded that he give him money, the New York Daily News reported. The boy said he didn't have any money to give, so the teenager allegedly snatched the child's water bottle and ran out of the school.

The 11-year-old boy was not injured during the incident. A school safety guard reportedly could not stop the suspect from escaping the school.

About five minutes later, the teenager allegedly got into a second altercation about a block from the school. He reportedly tried to attack a man in his early 50s by slashing him in the throat but failed. According to police, the teen cut through the man's jacket several times but not his arm.

The teenager threw a water bottle—which police believe may have been the same one he stole from the boy—at the man, the Daily News reported.

The teenager then fled down 85 Avenue toward Parson Boulevard, where he later got into a third altercation with an employee of a local deli, police said.

On Saturday, authorities released a surveillance photo from the deli and a sketch of the teenager. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact New York City police at (718) 969-6844.

Nathaniel Styer, a spokesperson for the New York City Department of Education, wrote in a statement to Newsweek on Saturday the department is reminding after-school providers about entrance procedures in light of the incident, which was referred to the New York City Special Commissioner of Investigation.

"The safety of students is our top priority, and staff and school safety agents acted immediately to ensure that everyone was unharmed when this incident occurred after school hours. We are working closely with the NYPD and school community to investigate and ensure the building is safe," he said.

11-year-old robbery teenager school attack
An 11-year-old boy was mugged by an armed teenager who allegedly entered a school on Friday. Above, a school is seen in 2020 in New York’s Upper East Side. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Weapons in schools have become a focus of public scrutiny after four students were fatally shot at a school in Michigan on Tuesday. In the wake of that incident, at least 60 schools in Michigan were forced to temporarily close due to copycat threats.

One day earlier also in New York, metal detectors in three schools in Brooklyn discovered 21 weapons carried by students. They consisted of nine knives, four stun guns, seven cans of pepper spray, and a pair of brass knuckles. Greg Floyd, the president of Teamsters Local 237, which represents school safety agents, however, told the New York Post the discovery of the weapons was only "the tip of the iceberg."

Update 12/4/21 4:51 p.m. ET: with a statement by the New York City Department of Education.