11 Years Without Michael Jackson—Friends & Critics Remember The King of Pop

11 years ago, the iconic Michael Jackson passed away from an overdose from propofol, at his Holmby Hills estate in Los Angeles. ‎Jackson's personal physician, Conrad Murray, was eventually convicted of involuntary manslaughter. To honor the King of Pop, family, fans, and critics alike came together to commemorate his unforgettable musical legacy.

Today on June 25th, the same date of Jackson's death, fans marked the anniversary with the Twitter hashtag, #11YearsWithOutMichaelJackson. Twitter users shared GIFS, album covers, quotes, and clips from various concerts as part of their memorial.

But controversy continues to hound Jackson even after his death. Critics are using the occasion to defend the Thriller singer from his accusers and the allegations of sexual abuse that long dogged Jackson, per New York Times.

The most heartfelt tribute comes from Jackson's own family member. Before becoming a solo artist, the former child singer had joined his older brothers, including Tito, in the pop band, The Jackson 5. Tito Jackson shared a picture of his younger sibling wearing the king's crown, a nod to his moniker.

According to The Sun, the photo is also a reference to the early '90s, when the Bad artist became the monarch of the Ivory Coast village, Krindjabo, and was granted the royal title, Michael Jackson Amalaman Anoh.

Fellow musicians, politicians, and publications shared on social media their love for the King of Pop. Discover here how they chose to remember him:

Michael Jackson
Entertainer Michael Jackson performs at a concert November 8, 1988 in California. Jackson, who was the lead singer for the Jackson Five by age eight, reached the peak of his solo career with 1982's "Thriller," the best-selling album of all time and recipient of eight Grammy awards. Getty/Jean-Marc Giboux/Liaison

Tito Jackson tweeted, "Always in our hearts."

DJ S-Endz, also known as Casey Rain, shared the article, "The First Time We Lost Michael Jackson," by Ernest Sewell.

The Anadolu Agency mentioned, "11 years since passing of pop legend Michael Jackson Known as 'King of Pop,' American singer, dancer, entertainer, and recording artist epitomized the era of the music industry."

The World Music Awards said, "Remembering King of Pop on the eleventh anniversary since his passing!"

Country singer Jimmy Wayne remembered, "We were in Missouri parked in a parking lot near six flags. I was lying in bed on the tour bus. My nephew yelled from the living room, "#MichaelJackson died."

Taj Jackson, Michael's nephew, wrote, "11 years ago today the world lost the greatest entertainer of all time. Although his talent was a gift from God, him sharing it was a gift to us. The world is darker place without Michael Jackson in it. His love and light is truly missed by us all."

Tanzanian Politician January Makamba stated, "No matter how great you think you are, or how many - and how often - people tell you that you are, or how many times you've done what you are about to do, still practice and rehearse - and seek excellence."

Sports Journalist Marvin L. James II quoted the Jackson classic, "Rock With You," and said, "Girl, close your eyes..Let that rhythm get into you...Don't try to fight it...There ain't nothin' that you can do. Relax your mind...Lay back and groove with mine..You got to feel that heat...And we can ride the boogie...Share that beat of love..."

ESSENCE, the lifestyle magazine, shared this montage and added, "On this day, 11 years ago, the world literally stopped when we lost The King of Pop. Today, we remember Michael Jackson."

KTAL NBC 6 News anchor Jeané A. Franseen said,"On this day in 2009, the King of Pop died. His death shocked the world, but his music lives on."

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